Thankful Thursday!

Today, today is Thankful Thursday!  

Why you ask?  

Because if I don't decide to be thankful today, I would probably drown in all the other noise of this world that has this way of dragging you down, overwhelming and exhausting you, and making you want to throw a temper tantrum/pitty party for yourself on your drive home from work.

Oh, that's just me!?  Well....then never mind!

Anywoo, there's always lots to be thankful for & focusing on those things can sure do wonders for attitude! =) Here's my list for today...

This gorgeous fall weather!  

This week has been so pleasant, a breath of fresh air!!  The mornings are cool, I even dare say chilly & the highs have been around 80 every day.  Pure bliss!  Berkley is loving the fall temps, too!!

Our afternoons are spent outside for a good 30+ minutes doing lots of this...

Seriously, highlight of my day!  Love that stinker :)

Friends who run off steam with you and then indulge in mani/pedi night!  

Last night, Andrea came over for a run, then we made a girls night of it with a little mani/pedi action.


I got one of OPI's new colors - My Very First Knockwurst.  I love it!  I think it actually looks a little darker than that pic, a nice fall pink.  Might just have to buy it!

It's amazing what some pampering and polish will do for a girl's mood ;)

Tomorrow's Friday!

Oh yes, I'm very thankful for that!  B and I have plans to meet some friends, park ourselves on a patio for some good food & drinks, and enjoy a fantastic Friday night!  I can't wait!!

This weekend is shaping up to look like a good one.  We have a few things to do around the house Saturday & are looking forward to some good R&R!

Cheers to the weekend friends!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend! :)