The Grass Is Greener

This was going to be a weekend recap post, but honestly, there's not a whole lot to recap!  Which is fine by me!  I took 1 picture of our Friday night…

Wine for me, protein for him :)

We enjoyed some sunshine with Berkley at the greenway on Saturday & a yummy dinner grilled at home with a  side of House of Cards!

This week was the 4th week of the CrossFit Open & it was a bear for sure!  B & I both did it Sunday, oh what fun :)

Rowing, Toes to bar & Wallballs!  Ahhh! +2 Cleans not on camera :)

Thanks to the hubs for taking some pics for me & counting my reps {or not counting them!!  Ughh…getting no repped is the worst! ha}!

All of our weekends sound a little the same lately.  We tend to stay home a lot.  We were invited out with some friends from the gym for a birthday, but we didn't end up going.  

Part of me feels bad about not going, or not making plans with other friends we haven't seen in a while, or not being more social.  But Brandon is gone 3-4 nights a week and talking on the phone all the time doesn't really cut it.

We need like, actual, face time.  To actually be physically present, together.  To spend time in the same state, house & room.

The grass is greener where you water it & we want our marriage to have green grass.  So, presently, we're watering our grass.

That may end up sounding like we're really boring people who never go out or do much.  And it may sound like we're anti-social and never hang out with other couples or friends.    

But we're ok with that.  We do have friends & we do go out sometimes!  But when we stay in, we're just watering our grass :)


Random Musings on a Rainy Monday

Happy Monday!  It's rainy & cold here & my tolerance of cold weather is running thin.  Very thin!  But that's ok because I PR'd my deadlift in the 14.3 Open workout today, so I can't complain!

I pulled 185# for 10 reps in the WOD today!!  I've never done that before!  :)

And I totaled 100 reps!  I'll take it!

I discovered a few things in my travels to Atlanta over the weekend…

1 - Cruise Control is the bomb dot com!  My corolla never had cruise, so I've never really had the pleasure of crusin' it on road trips.  Consider me changed!  It's a must have for any interstate driving.

2 - I really dislike windshield wipers!!  I already knew this, but it was just reconfirmed on my drive home last night.  Windshield wipers & rain the whole way!  Just something about the repetitiveness gets on my nerves!  I don't like repetitive noises either.  Sends me over the edge.  You can imagine how well that worked in a classroom right!? ;)

3 - Justin Timberlake's new song completely reverts me back to my former middle/high school self! This song comes on the radio, I find myself swooning and suddenly I'm 15 again!

It just has such a 90's/N'Sync vibe to me {ps #teamNSYNC #NSYNC4life} & I can't get enough!

4 - CrossFit Kids is going to be SO much fun!!  I was initially a little nervous about the amount of work it might be, but after this weekend's course, I'm so, so excited!  As a former teacher, there were all these demands - grades, tests, standards to meet, etc.  But with CrossFit kids, it's so relaxed!  The most important thing is for the kids to have FUN {what a concept!} and have fun while moving!  There's no barbells or weights until advanced kids or teens, so you know they're safe, it's all about having fun and teaching proper form.  And really, they have years to get the form down, so there's no pressure! I'm very excited!

Here's to a quick work week…I saw my husband for all of 7.5 waking hours over the weekend, so hurry up Thursday!!


Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm linking up with April & Christia for Five on Friday today, so let's get right down to it :)

1 - I'm headed to CrossFit Atlanta this weekend to get my CrossFit Kids cert…

It should be a fun weekend, although I'll really miss my boys!  I've really enjoyed reading all my material for the weekend, all the research about the benefits of kids being active & I'm excited to learn some new stuff {and fun games}!  We're hoping to launch CrossFit Kids at CFP starting this summer!

2 - Monday & Tuesday of this week I spent my afternoons on our patio.  It was so beautiful out!  I ate my lunch out there, soaked up some Vitamin D, watched Berk dog run around...

And even let Benny out to do a little exploring!  He was getting waaayyy too comfortable…

It was chilly yesterday & not the warmest today, but I have high hopes those temps will be returning sooner rather than later!

3 - I got to spend my Wednesday morning hanging out with this sweet friend…

Ashley (+ baby boy) & me :)

We'd been planning it for about 2 weeks & I was so excited, it was even on my to do list for that day…

We got mani/pedis & lunch at Brixx & just caught up on life!  She's my longest friend & I'm so thankful to have known her all these years & know that our friendship will continue!  We don't talk every day, but we just pick up right where we left off.  I'm sure I'll be calling her with lots of questions whenever we have babes of our own, Ash is a pro now ;)

4 - I saw this in my Instagram feed the other day & pretty much died...

Congrats!  We're all skinny!  Hahaha, I personally work more towards being healthy & strong {so much more freeing than trying to be skinny all the time!}, but still, that's funny!

5 - 27 days until we're back to this magical place…

With a few of these in hand...


Weekly Recap

I had every intention of blogging Friday afternoon & linking up for Five on Friday, but it ended up being a busy day & blogging just didn't happen.  Thankfully, I didn't let it get me down or make me feel guilty!  I knew the weekend would roll on, be just as wonderful despite my lack of blogging, & I'd eventually get back to my blog this week.

And I was right, here I am :)  Currently blogging to you from our patio, getting a little vitamin D - it's quite perfect actually!  All this warm, sunshiny weather has me itching for spring!  I sure hope this weather is here to stay!  It's been a long, cold winter {I'm sure most would agree}, but this weather sure does a lot for lifting your spirits & adding a little pep to your step!

Last week I really didn't have too much to blog about…more of the same 'round here!  Wednesday I had a little date with Andrea to grab lunch & a mani, it's our yearly tradition :)

Friday, I judged B in the 14.2 WOD…

We coached the evening classes, then we checked out the new Publix by our house.  So far I'm a fan!

Saturday morning, I worked out with the 830 class, we coached the 930 & then ran a few errands.  B picked up a new suit for Puerto Rico {31 days!} from our local little surf shop {I know, a surf shop in Charlotte, kinda crazy} & I snagged these cute shoes from Target…


I couldn't pass up $19.99, BOGO 50% off for some cute little summer shoes {much cheaper than Toms}!

We babysat for my brother & SIL Saturday night so they could celebrate their 11 year anniversary!  The kiddos were sweet and snuggly, they must like us ;)

Watching a little lego cartoon before bedtime :)

Abel loves him some Huck!

And selfies with Aunt Michelle!

Sunday we woke up feeling awesome, I guess that's what happens when you're asleep by 10, even though you lose an hour & wake up at about 845!  I know, our life is riveting…try not to be jealous ;) Brandon redid 14.2 getting a total of 252 reps!!  I got a total of 15 reps!  Ha, but I did get my very 1st chest-to-bar pull-ups, so still something to celebrate!

Brandon shared with me the joy of the Whole Foods Hot Bar {of which he partakes often for lunches or dinners when on the road} & then we did a little shop lifting at lululemon…

I made out with 2 pair of much needed crop pants & a tank!  So happy to wear spring workout gear!

B got some awesome new shorts!

We did a little work, a little laundry & a little cooking!  I made this super yummy breakfast casserole for the week & we grilled out some amazing turkey burgers...

That plate sure made for a happy belly!  I'm glad we have left overs :)  It's looking like a busy & great week ahead!  Hope your weather is warming up, too!


Birthday Weekend!

Yesterday, I turned the big 2-7 {if you can even say that with 27?} & I spent most of the weekend celebrating!  I was glad to finally have B home on Friday night!  We ate a quick dinner at home & watched some House of Cards…

Saturday morning classes were a lot of fun at the gym, followed by a little coaches meeting.  B & I picked up some Earthfare meal deal lunches & then I popped over to Blakeney for a little birthday shopping!

I found these cute espadrilles at Target & couldn't pass them up for only $30!  I wore them out Saturday night with some skinnies, the perfect shoe to transition into spring!  :)

Saturday night we started off at Lenny Boy Brewery, a local kombucha brewery here in Charlotte. {Kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented drink made from tea, sugar, water, & a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast.  Some consider it a raw food with probiotics & health benefits!}  We've gotten into drinking kombucha lately since B has been training so hard for the Open & we haven't really been drinking too much alcohol.  We were excited to finally try Lenny Boy out!

Lenny Boy is tucked away in South End, their little tap room is really cute!  We got a flight to sample all of their traditional kombuchas & their wild kombucha ales (containing alcohol)…

Andrea & Karl met us for a drink before we headed over to Peculiar Rabbit in Plaza Midwood!

I took fun selfies in the car on the way to dinner, because it's my birthday, duh!

Warren & Kelly met us there & gifted me with some pretty flowers!  I failed to take a single picture at dinner.  Boo!  Major fail.

Dinner was delish & we were home to my Paleo Brownies, wine & bed by about 930 or so.  If celebrating 27 this way is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Sunday, we woke up slow, laid around & then got ready for the gym!  I started off 27 with a brownie {breakfast of champions} so as to do well on my birthday WOD & dropped this boy off for a haircut {as you can see it was much needed}…

An after picture to come, once I take one!  The weather was gorgeous all day Sunday!  We love to prop the gym doors open & let some warm air in!

Brandon redid the Open workout, getting 354 reps this time, then it was my turn!  I got 248 reps, which was my exact goal!  I got 5 rounds completed & 23 more double unders, so I was very pleased!

Aren't my cupcake earring so fun?

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing a little work, B made my very favorite bacon burgers, we watched more House of Cards {holy crap episode 1 of season 2!!!!!} & I ate a very large red velvet cupcake!!!

So far, 27 is looking pretty stellar :)  Thank you all for the sweet birthday love all over social media! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!


Five on Friday

We've made it to another Friday!  Woohoo!!  Linking up with once again with April & Christina for Five on Friday :)

1 - The ol' blog got a little {almost} spring maker over!!  If you're reading this in Blog Lovin' you can't really tell, so click on over to my site to admire it :)  I purchased it from Designer Blogs {super affordable!} & it was very easy to install!  I had a little trouble with my blog title being too long, so I emailed their help center & they fixed it for me asap!  I'm loving it!  It's clean, simple & pretty - just what I wanted!

2 - I gave myself a little at home mani/pedi today! I'm going to will spring's arrival with my nail color :) Come on warmer temps!

3 - The CrossFit Open 2014 is here!!  The 1st workout was released last night & we streamed the announcement & 2 competitors trying the workout live at the gym!

The CrossFit Open is how you get to the CrossFit Games.  Anyone in the world can sign up, the top 48 from each region will go to regionals in May & the top 3 from each region go to the games in July! Brandon will do the WOD for the 1st time tonight, I'll be filming him, and probably again on Sunday! This will be my birthday WOD on Sunday!! :)

4 - Sunday is my birthday!  I'll be 27.  What an uneventful birthday 27 seems like, ha!  But don't worry, I love birthdays & fully plan on celebrating!

I'm actually not concerned in the least about getting older or approaching 30!  Brandon said he won't trade me in ;) and life just keeps getting better!  What's to freak out about!?

5 - We're down to 6 weeks!  41 days & counting until Puerto Rico!!


Lovely Little Weekend

We had a great weekend!  Brandon was actually home for 5 nights in a row last week, Wednesday night through last night!  Crazy!!

The weather was so nice here over the weekend!  We even took the rowers outside…

Friday night we brought home our favorite salads from Dean & Deluca, indulged in some House of Cards {we're addicted by the way!!} & I painted my nails.  Pretty good Friday night :)

Saturday I finally got to wear my new lulu shorts I bought with Christmas money…

It was a little chilly that morning, but I was trying to will spring's arrival with my warm weather clothes! Ha!  B & I had a fun little workout together…

His & Hers :)  Mine's clearly the one with all the weights on it!

My favorite!

We got home & washed my car, took Berkley for a little walk & then enjoyed a nap before dinner :) We went out to Red Rocks with 2 other couple friends!  I meant to take pics, but never got that far. It's so nice to have friends in our same life stage!

Sunday I went to FlyWheel with a girlfriend then headed to the gym for a little weightlifting…

I got those big quads ;)  I've worked hard for those!!

I took today as a rest day & it was really nice, Mondays aren't a normal rest day for me.  I love being home in the middle of the day.  I did some work on the couch while the sun streamed in & Berkley napped, then I even closed my eyes for about 30 minutes…

I've never really thought of myself as an introvert, but the older I get, the more I realize how much I crave & enjoy time to myself.  Don't get me wrong, I still thrive from being around others, helping others & hosting others.  But I so enjoy quiet moments at home, quiet moments at the gym, me time.

In those moments I remember how incredibly blessed I am.  To be where we are so far in life, to own our own business, to truly enjoy this stage of life.  I'm so thankful for that view in the picture above…a beautiful home I share with my husband, a little fur baby who brings us more joy than we thought possible, the sun shining.

I don't even know if all of that made sense, haha.  But it did in my head :)

Life is good, y'all, even when it's hard!  I hope your weekend was spectacular!!