Midweek Randoms

Sometimes...there's just no rhyme or reason to a post.  Just a brain dump of sorts for this hump day :)

1 - Speaking of hump day....

I had seen this picture floating around Facebook, but never saw the commercial until this morning!  Haha, I 'bout died!  Hilarious.

2 - I'm running in the Electric Run this Friday night up at the Speed Way!  I'll be running with my friend Lisa & some girlfriends from her box.  We're pretty excited, I think it'll be a lot of fun, but right now I'm just annoyed.  I tried to pick up our race packets today at The Running Co. off East Blvd and the line was OUT-rageous!!!  {It was wrapped around the Outback - if you know the area, you know that's really backed up!}  I had dog with me & I can't leave him in the car {obviously!}, so basically I just wasted gas to go all the way out there for nothing!

3 - The CrossFit Games started this week!!  The men's & women's individual events started today & they have a half marathon row later today!  Doesn't that sound fun!?  21,097 meteres.  Ha, not.  You couldn't pay me to row a half marathon!!

But seriously, the games are really fun to watch!  If you've never watched, it's almost like the Olympics, because these are seriously the fittest of the fit in the world!!  And there are 2 women representing the QC! Michelle Crawford from the Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit & Elisabeth Akinwale from MDUSA!

4 - We had a video montage of sorts put together for CFP!  What do you think?!

5 - Tuesdays or Wednesdays are usually the day my SIL & I clean the box.  And I reward myself with Starbucks on those days to have a little pep in my cleaning step.  Totally appropriate right!?  {Just tell me yes}

6 - While everyone else is at the beach this summer....I just lay out in my back yard {or the driveway!}.  Our neighborhood doesn't have a pool, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  You might be able to find me there tomorrow & Friday between classes!  I feel a little red, but not enough to stop :)

Happy hump day!!


Weekend Recap

We had a fun little weekend over here!!  There was pretty much a common theme....lots of good {sometimes not so Paleo} food, friends & fun!  

Friday night we broke out the Weber because Brandon loves to grill & I love to eat grilled food!

B likes to live dangerously {or he was just lazy & it was hot out} and grilled in his undies!  Haha, don't worry, the neighbors didn't see!

It's Restaurant Week here in Charlotte so Saturday night, B & I headed uptown to meet Warren & Kelly for a little double date action at Blue!  Sooo good!!  If you're local, call & make a reservation asap!  Restaurant Week lasts til next weekend :)

Awesome red eye right!?  Ughh couldn't correct it!

Great night with great friends!!

Then, Sunday night, I met Rachel & Ashley for a little girls night at Chuy's!!  We talked & ate & talked some more!  It was so much fun!  I'm so thankful to have friends like these 2...we pick up right where we left off the last time!  And we just get each other I think.  That's huge!  I'm also so thankful they're doing the whole baby thing 1st!  Haha, I know who I'll be calling when it's our turn ;)

That about sums it up....food, friends & fun!  Now back to eating like a good trainer & on with the work week :)


Weekend Recap

We had a really great weekend over here!!  

We are about sick of rain though, let me tell you!  A storage place I pass on the way to the box, their sign reads "Noah, we need a boat."  And it's almost true!!  Poor Berkley never gets to go outside alone anymore because this happens...

He looked like this Friday & again yesterday!

He has two spots dug out nicely, so now with all the rain, they are just big mud pits.  That apparently he goes swimming in!

Sadly, we didn't make it to the 1st Annual Blogger BBQ :(  But I mentioned last week that Brandon & Warren were participating in CrossFit for Hope this Saturday.  After our morning classes, we raced over to CrossFit Steele Creek.  Brandon & Warren were in the last heat of the day.  They were giddy with excitement on the way over...something about competition gets those boys going :)

Warming up

The workout Hope consisted for 3 rounds, 5 minutes each.  Each round had 1 minute of 5 different movements...

Chest to Bar Pullups

Box Jumps


Power Snatches


We brought a small CFP crew along to help cheer them on!  I should've taken a group pic, but here's 2 of my favorite girls!

We were the loudest ones out there I think ;)

Group shot from the end of the day!  Can you find the 2 shirtless ones :)  Haha

Since it was for charity, there's not really a declared "winner" or anything, but as best we can tell, Brandon won!!!  He had a total of 266 reps & the next closet was 249 reps!!  This is pretty exciting since B has high hopes of making it to Regionals next year in the CrossFit Games!

Our boys had 489 combined total reps!!  So proud of them!!!

We made it home & a nap was in order before dinner out a Chima!  Whenever B gets a certain sale, his company treats us to dinner so we splurged a bit :)

Our selfie at dinner...not the best picture or lighting!

We scooted over to Carolina Ale House afterwards for a few drinks with some friends.  B's eyes look different colors in this pic, but he is sweet to indulge me in picture taking!  I swear now that I wear my hair in a ponytail/hat/bun every day, my part does not lay right!!!  This is a total white girl problem!  And I majorly need a haircut!!

Yesterday we did all the usual Sunday stuff...grocery store, laundry, food prep, etc.  And we even saw the sun a little yesterday!  Hallelujah!

Happy Monday friends!


Five on Friday

Hooray for link up Friday!  I have so much fun reading posts linked up to April & Christina's blogs!!  Go read some :)

1 - As promised, I wanted to share my favorite new nail color!  Essie Sunday Funday :)

Cute name, right!?  It's bright & cheery so you pretty much have to be in a great mood while wearing it!    I used to be an OPI girl, but I think I may have switched teams.

2 - Look at the brothers...

They are best friends!!  When Berkley's not biting him & Benson's not running away that is.  This is how I found them the other morning before heading to the box.  After this picture was taken, Berkley gave Benson's head a little bath, he was just licking his ears!  Cat & dog bros :)

3 - I think I'm late on this train {shocking!}, but I am loving Bloglovin'!!  It makes it super easy to read all my favorite blogs & I have the app on my iPhone & iPad!  Now, I won't miss a post!

4 - A special someone turns 30 this year!!  

B will be 30 at the end of September, and it just so happens, Warren will also be 30 in August!  So I'm in full fledge party planning mode!!  The theme for their combined 30th birthday is a Mustache Bash! 

{Thanks to Maran for this hilarious idea!!  She totally did this for her husband's birthday last year & I fell in love with the idea!  Yep, I'm that blogger...posing her idea :)  Please consider it the most sincere form of flattery, Maran!}

For whatever reason, mustaches are in right now!  I don't really get it, but I can get behind it, haha. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas and I'm so excited to see it all come together!  It's going to be at the box since I hope to have lots of friends & family there!  And if anyone knows of any awesome dj's that also do karaoke, please send their info my way!!

5 - This little blue box made it's way to our house yesterday...

B traveled through Asheville on his way home yesterday & brought home these little gems.  Seriously, these truffles are Heaven on Earth.  Such a fun little surprise!  Give me chocolate.  Always!

I'm off to my happy place...Target :)  Happy, happy weekend!!



So here's what the Shuck's have been up to lately....

We started off the 4th with a Hero WOD at CFP!  We had a great group that morning, 19 people!! We did the Hero WOD Morrison.  Hero WODs are named for fallen soldiers, police, fire & medics. We thought it was a great way to start July 4th!

4th of July is seriously one of my favorite holidays!!  It ranks right up there with Christmas & Thanksgiving {& my birthday, which is not in fact a holiday, but I prefer celebrating as if it was!}! About a week out we still didn't have plans & a new box member/friend, Lauren, invited us over to her and her husband's neighborhood pool & house for some holiday fun!

And fun was definitely had by all!  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but there was sun {and rain}, food, friends, drinks, laughing, new friends, & lots of fireworks!!  I mean LOTS!  Lauren's husband Rich is a bit of a firework enthusiast!  Let's just say that when there was a buy 1 get 2 firework sale around Memorial Day, Rich stocked up!  We had an awesome private show that did not disappoint!!

Just a little CrossFit bonding with Tom & Warren!

We even convinced Lauren's husband Rich to come try CF out :)  {Some people are so skeptical ;)} We have a good little community going on at the box!  It's really one of the best parts of CrossFit!! I'm loving making new friends & how encouraging and supportive everyone is!

Speaking of the great CrossFit community, last weekend was CrossFit for Hope.  Hope is a fundraiser {and a workout - read more here} for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  The Charlotte edition is actually this weekend at CrossFit Steele Creek.  Brandon & Warren are in the 12 o'clock heat and we're really excited to be apart of it!

This is sort of the first CF event where we can put a face with the CFP name since we're the newest box in town!  We're getting a group together to go cheer Warren & Brandon on, it should be really fun!!

Happy almost Friday friends!!


Stuck in a rut!

Well hello there little blogoshpere!!  I've kinda disappeared...again!  This seems to be a recurring pattern with me this year if you haven't noticed!

Oops!  It's definitely not on purpose...I'm just finding myself in this odd place of blogging.  Blogging is so great and I love still connecting with everyone - reading your blogs, commenting when I can, talking on twitter here and there.

But it was definitely a busy school year and we continue to stay pretty busy since the Box has opened.  Which unfortunately leaves blogging on the back burner.  :(

I've never been good at remembering to take pictures, but I feel like I got better at it once I started blogging because I would think "Oh, I can blog about this!".  Which is good and bad.  It's hard to be present when you're worried about writing you next blog post, haha.  

But now since I'm not blogging as often, I'm not taking as many pictures and then I go to blog and I'm thinking "Well this is going to be a boringpicture-less post.  No one wants to read that!"

Or, I'll plan to blog on a certain day and then I get as far as opening up a new post that stays blank because I'm thinking "Well I could blog about being at the box, my workout, Berkley...  Yep that's pretty much it....boring."

So I'm stuck in this rut I think.  I feel like I'm lacking content...I don't have a cute baby to post pictures of or a pregnancy to write about {in due time}...I pretty much do the same thing every day and my life is kind of revolving around CrossFit Pineville {which is great!}....but I'm pretty sure no one wants to read about my daily workouts or see 1000 pictures of Berkley {although he is really cute!} or hear about my trip to the dentist or maybe my new nail color {ok maybe you do want to know about my new nail color, it's really fun!}.

I was telling some of this to Brandon & he was like "Well just write about our weekends and the fun stuff we do."  And I was like "Duh!!"

That's basically what I've always done on my blog anyway....it's always been a journal for me.  So I'm going to take a few more pictures than I have been lately, while still being present, of course.  And I'm going to tell you about my new nail color & my millionth mishap with my car & share a few pictures of Berkley.

Because I want to get back to journaling!!  And even if it's boring, well it's my journal, and it's not boring to me!

Let's just hope I can have a little more consistency!  :)  Stay tuned for a fun July 4th recap this week!