Weekend Recap!

Well friends, as always the weekend flew by and I feel like I need another weekend to recover from my weekend!  If only we could work that out somehow.  

But alas, today was back to work - we have lots of training this week and a different grade level is bringing breakfast each day!  That sure makes coming to work a little easier, knowing a yummy breakfast is waiting, hah, but not so fantastic for the waist line.  Whoops!  Thursday is open house & I get to see all my kiddos, and Friday I'm off to meet B in Michigan for the weekend - should be a good week! :)

But back to my weekend recap...

Friday night we fought off the rain & headed downtown to get our tailgate on!

My partner in crime :)  And a rude photobomber!


Andrea, Angela & moi

The men!

A sweet friend from school gave us their tickets for the night and we scalped a few more!  The game was so fun and my Panthers were looking pretty good!!

A little blurry but I love the background!

The night was going perfectly according to plan - rain held off, fun was being had by all, a new Panthers shirt was bought, the Panthers were winning (and won!), and then I had to go and ruin the night by dropping my phone in the toilet!!

Did you get that!?  Yes, I dropped my phone in a dirty pee toilet!!! 

You see....my phone was in my back pocket, I went into the bathroom as we were about to leave the stadium, and as I was sitting, my phone fell out of my back pocket into the toilet.  Unfortunately, I did not see it at that point, and proceeded to pee on my phone!  {Sorry, TMI?!?  Haha}

Then, I stood up to fasten my pants and proceeded to turn & flush the toilet only to realize first, that, oh yes, that is my phone in the toilet & second, the toilet is FLUSHING!!!  Automatic flush!

Thankfully {or maybe not} my phone was too big & didn't flush down the toilet.  So you better believe after it flushed I stuck my hand down in that dirty pee toilet and grabbed my water logged phone!  

I was basically in a state of shock!!  I have a mild {ok, extreme} addiction to my phone and never in my 10 years of owning cell phones have I completely ruined one.

Until Friday night.

Upon getting home, I put my phone in a bag of rice and it stayed there until about 4 pm Saturday.  I tried plugging it into my computer, but nothing would happen!  The apple would pop up, then go away, but even when it popped up it looked...wet.  Haha.

So I spent the weekend phoneless and contemplating my options.

Saturday, we attempted to sleep in and I attempted to pretend my phone wasn't ruined!  We watched a few episodes of Dexter Season 6 (!!!) and finally convinced ourselves to work out.

We had friends over Saturday night to cook out & Berkley got to meet 2 doggy friends, Rookie & Hugo!  I'd love to show you pictures, but I didn't have a phone, so therefore none were taken :(

It was fun to hang out, watch the pups play, and just enjoy each other!!  We have some great friends!

Sunday was a lazy morning with more Dexter & I went to upgrade my phone :/  Thankfully, I was eligible for an upgrade, but I upgraded to the white iPhone 4S (I had the iPhone 4) which wasn't exactly cheap.  


B was none too thrilled.  Expensive mistake friends!!!  PSA - Ladies, do not keep your phone in your back pocket when going to the restroom!!  Please and thank you!  You're welcome :)

We finished our Sunday off with a long workout, the grocery store, some laundry, and fighting off the Sunday night blues!  

Another work week, but B is home tomorrow night before flying out Wednesday, I have a working phone & a great week ahead...I guess I can't complain!

Happy Monday, y'all!


Rachel said...

I totally did this with my old Nokia in college. No fun!!

Hope your first full week started off well!

Casey said...

Aww, that stinks about your phone... I did the exact same thing at a bowl game a few years ago... except it was a porta-john, so no recovering that thing... never again in the back pocket!

Mrs. Easton said...

I am just surprised you haven't killed a phone in 10 years...impressive! I'm too embarrass to say how many times my husband and I have! Love you blog new follower on here and some of your social media. Started my blog this week! Have a great week at school!

Samantha said...

That is one of my fears :/

Dee Stephens said...

Tell us the truth....
Were you drunk??
I've ruined some phones over the years.
Mainly leaving them in bars and cabs then dropping one in the lake a few years back.

Anonymous said...

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Mindy said...

I totally did that with my old phone a few years ago!! Except I didn't pee on it and tried to save it...haha. Sometimes putting the phone in a bag of rice works, just in case it happens again to either of us (which I hope it doesn't!)!!!

Jordan Cole said...

How in the world have you been so good with phone all these years?! My worst time ruining my phone what dropping it into my cereal bowl...rice trick did NOT work for me.


Ashley said...

My best friend had her phone drop out of her pocket in a port a potty during a festival. She was drunk enough she bravely put her hand in there and pulled it out with a ton of toliet paper. She proceeded to shoot a ton of hand sanitizer on it and that led to the death of her blackberry. This year for that festival she won't be taking her phone into a port a potty with her!