Random Updates

Mondays never seem as bad in the summer :)  Says the teacher!  Haha, but this Monday can't be that bad for most - I sure hope most of you will have Wednesday off and lots of people take the rest of the week off, or at least Friday like B is doing!

The 4th is one of my most favoritest holidays {A dead locked 3 way tie for 1st between Christmas, Thanksgiving & the 4th} because I really love my country and I love everything the 4th celebrates!!

More on that later though...

How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty great despite the ridiculous amount of heat that plagued most of the country.  Brandon and I worked out and did a few things around the house Saturday, then Andrea & I visited our favorite nail place, Polished, to get pampered for our week of vacation...

We were only slightly high maintenance...breaking a bottle of nail polish {it fell off the table attached to my pedicure chair as it was giving me a bouncy massage, oops!}, needing foil to remove a previous shellac manicure {Andrea!} and requiring refills of our wine glasses! :)

I seriously considered some Red, White & Blue nails in order to be festive...



...but I just didn't know if I could rock it, so I went loud and proud and got some hot pink on the fingers & toes!

I made B and I dinner and convinced him it would be fun to go out!  So we met some friends at the new Ten Park Lanes for some drinks!  We didn't actually bowl, but we were very impressed with the revamp of the bowling alley.  It looked great and had a really fun atmosphere!!  We'll have to go back soon!

I'm currently writing this from the back seat of B's car as we travel up to Virginia today.  Man I love modern technology - a MiFi card, my computer & phone - I'm a happy traveler!  I did bring a book and 4 or 5 magazines as well :)

I'm traveling in the car with B today and tomorrow, but by tomorrow night we'll be at our friend Justin's place in Virginia Beach!!!  Andrea's coming up that night as she has the rest of the week off, so we have 3-4 days of all beach to look forward to {Brandon & Justin will be working Thursday, so probably no beach for them that day}!

I'm so looking forward to drinks on the beach, playing ladder golf, lathering on the sunscreen, grilling out, fireworks, sparklers, wearing my red, white & blue, celebrating & enjoying this great country, brunching, spending time with good friends....I could go on! Yes, this is why the 4th is my favorite!!!

For now, I'm going to clean out my email - another item to check off my "To-Do" list - and peruse the internets for sweet puppies to adopt! 

I'm really itching with puppy fever y'all!  But I want to find the right one for us, which is more complicated than I had imagined.  We're exploring lots of options from bigger pups {perhaps a golden doodle, labradoodle, German/Australian shepherds, etc} to smaller ones {a bichon frise, westie, coton, or some kind of mix}.

Although, I can't lie, I'm leaning toward small.  I like lap dogs and that they don't slobber everywhere like a big dog!

I found a few Bichon/Toy Poodle mixes at this Rescue in SC, but we waited too long and now they're all spoken for, I guess, since they're not longer listed as up for adoption anymore :(

But our pup will come at just the right time.  I have faith!  Any recommendations friends!?!

Happy Monday & July 4th week y'all!!


Erin said...

I am one of those who doesn't have the 4th off. Poop. But I guess I'll be watching fireworks from the 6th floor of the hospital, haha! If you're still looking at small dogs, check out www.scyorkiepoos.com (it's where we got Marley!) She's got lots of yorkiepoos right now and I think some yorkies. I think Marley is the sweetest little puppy so of course I had to throw my 10 cents in there :) Hope you have a fun vacay!

Rachel said...

I love Polished! Think I might be heading there tomorrow with a friend :)

Have so much fun in VB! I can't wait to hear about your trip. I am *hoping* I get to go visit this summer. I miss the beach and my friends there!!

And a PUPPY!!!! I can't wait to hear what y'all get :)

Michelle Shuck said...

Oh my goodness, already looking at her site! They are so, so cute!!! I might need one :)

Dee Stephens said...

Did VB get hit by all the recent storms? A lot of that area is still without power.
Have fun!!
And, as far as puppies.. look at something that doesn't shed!

Maggie said...

look into ShiPoos (ShitZu Poodle) mine will be 3 in september and he has been the best dog. Only 12 lbs but i love when he cuddles at night with you up on the couch!

Sarah O said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the idea of red and white nails too but I'm not sure I can pull it off. We are starting to get the itch for a puppy too. Can't wait to see what kind you end up with.

Chic Runner said...

I love the 4th just as much as you. I swear we are so similar :) Hope you guys have a great time! I must admit, George is a good size and weighs in at 19 pounds. :) I would recommend a pound puppy. They are the BEST kind :)