Five on Friday

Time to link up again with April & Christina for Five on Friday!!

1 - My new schedule!
I'm getting into a good little groove every day going to the box!  If I'm coaching the early morning classes, I bring my breakfast with me, get my own workout in pretty early and have the afternoon to run errands, nap, or whatever.  If I'm not coaching early morning, I get to sleep til about 7 {glorious!}, make a smoothie to drink on the way in, and workout a little later in the day.  And I get to do my dream job. Definitely can't complain :)

2 - ModPaleo Meals - Yum!
CrossFit Pineville is a delivery site for a local meal delivery service, ModPaleo.  We don't profit anything from them as a box & I'm not getting paid to endorse them or anything, I'm just seriously loving their food right now!  Since I don't get home til about 830 or later most week nights, I don't have time to pull together a healthy {Paleo friendly} meal.  I order 5 meals a week from them.  It's delivered every Monday to the box & all I have to do is boil it or heat it in the microwave.  This is the perfect solution to the busy lifestyle I have right now!!  All of their food is local, organic, grass-fed/free range protein, etc.  And it's all SO good!!  They are a lifesaver!

3 - Surprise/unplanned visits from airport stranded cousins!
My cousin Erin was flying through Charlotte Tuesday night when her flight back home got cancelled due to weather.  She hopped in a rental car & came over for a sleep over!  We stayed up way to late chitchatting, but I hadn't seen her since Christmas so it was long overdue!!  I'm sorry her flight got cancelled, but not sorry it happened to strand her in Charlotte!

4 - Planned lunches with BFFs & family traveling through Charlotte!
One of my lifelong BFFs just moved into her brand new house!!  I stopped by Panera after leaving the box yesterday & brought lunch over to Ashley's gorgeous house!  We played with her sweet babies, I got the house tour & we got all caught up on life :)

Today, my aunt & grandmother are on their way back to VA from my parents house in GA.  They're pit-stopping through Charlotte so we're meeting for lunch!  It'll be short & sweet, but I'm so glad to see them, even if it's only an hour!

5 - A Friday afternoon nap!
Oh yes...a nap is calling  my name!  Even if it's only for an hour.

Happy weekend friends!!


Things that make me wonder...

Y'all....Kim & Kanye named their baby North.  North!  Their daughter's name is North West.  I mean, really!?  I thought this was a joke!  I just found out today this is in fact not a joke & is actually her name!!  I shouldn't be surprised anymore with weird celebrity baby names like Apple, Blue, Sunday.  But, alas, still I am surprised....and sorry for that poor girl!!

Please tell me how I'm supposed to beat these levels when I get down to just 7 moves left and then suddenly you tell me "No more moves possible" and switch it all up.  Well no wonder I haven't won since there were barely any moves for me to make!!  Come on Candy Crush, help a sista out!!

How did these 2 animals get so cute!?  And who let them think they can just sit all over the furniture!?!  PS - this is our new bed & bedding!!  I still need some light blue/teal accent pillows, big white shams for our Euro pillows, new lamp shades & curtains....but otherwise it's gorgeous, yes?  :)

Happy Tuesday friends!!


Five on Friday

Happy Friday y'all!!

1 - Clearly I love link ups!  Nothing wrong with 2 in one week if you as me ;)  And it's important to always count your blessings, so I'm loving listing my fav things for the week!

2 - Today is the official start of summer & the longest day of the year!!  We're celebrating by catching a few rays in between classes at the box today & maybe a little happy hour on our patio later.  Pretty close to perfect minus some type of body of water {preferably a lake or ocean, but sadly neither are in our back yard!}!

3 - Instagram has video!!

I saw this picture yesterday on Instagram and was thoroughly amused!  I couldn't really get into vine!  I just couldn't wrap my head around another form of social media to use.  But I can definitely get into some video on Instagram!!  It's one of my fav forms of social media to begin with, I think video will be fun.  

And Vine, let's be honest...you just got blocked.

4 - This is our first weekend in a while with no real commitments or plans!!  After classes at the box & working out tomorrow, we'll probably hang in the back yard for a bit.  Then we've made loose plans for a little shopping {new bed = new bedding!} and an at home Paleo pizza/movie night.  Sign me up!

5 - 90s Pop Radio on Pandora.  Go add this station immediately!  How could you not love a little Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, Britney, Will Smith, Mariah, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hanson....the list goes on & only gets better!  Such good jams!!!

What's your Five on Friday!?  Cheers!


Spill About Your LOVE

Linking up with April today for Spill About Your Love!!

{1} Describe you dating life prior to finding your husband/boyfriend/fiance.
I didn't date too much in high school.  Had one boyfriend my senior year, but nothing serious!  During my college years, I would say I had 2 pretty serious boyfriends (at different times, obviously!).  Both relationships lasted just under a year.  They were both a good bit older than me.  When it got time for things to either get serious or move on, each time we moved on.  And I'm so glad it turned out that way!!!

{2} Describe your husband/boyfriend/fiance in one word. How would he describe you in one word?
I would describe Brandon as dedicated.  He doesn't half-@$$ anything!  Whether it's our love, a relationship, a friendship, his job, a workout, etc.  He's 100% all the time!  I asked him & that was the answer I got!  

His final (real) answer, loyal.  :)

{3} You had a really silly fight. Embarrassing silly. What was it about?
Generally, most of our fights are silly!  Haha, but one that I remember was about which sports our potential, not even born yet, son should play and if he should wrestle or not.  I said no because wresting is dangerous & it could give you cauliflower ear (yuck!).  Brandon fully disagrees as he used to wrestle, doesn't have cauliflower ear, and thinks it teaches you hard work and dedication.  So we proceeded to go back and forth & then he told me it was irrelevant right now!!  Ughhh....the nerve!  I mean, clearly we need to decide right now whether our unborn (unconceived) son should wrestle!

{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years.
In 5 years, I hope we will be parents to at least one little Shuckling, maybe 2.  I hope that CrossFit Pineville is successful enough that Brandon's no longer traveling and can work at the box full time.  I hope that we're able to travel & be with our family for a vacation each year. 

{5} Tell us something about your husband/boyfriend/fiance we wouldn't know from reading your blog.
He likes to make sing songs and replace a word with Berkley or Benson's name!  He's got some pretty good ones ;)

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your husband/boyfriend/fiance, but you did?
Well if we're being honest (and I believe we are), talk about the bathroom....and the things that go on in there.  We still keep this talk to a minimum.  Thank goodness!!  Haha



Hello there!  Thought I'd pop in for a random life update since I can't seem to find a consistent groove for blogging these days!  Be warned...it's pretty random!

1 - Life has been ultra busy these past few weeks between school wrapping up, traveling to Michigan, death and new life, our Grand Opening, getting into a new routine... The list goes on! I think I'm finally getting into a new routine though & I'm loving it :)  I'll have to do a day in the life post one of these days!

2 - I'm now also blogging for CrossFit Pineville!  I started up a Wordpress blog for the box this past weekend crossfitpineville.wordpress.com  There's not a whole lot going on over there yet, but you should still check it out!  I think it looks pretty good!  Just sayin' :)

3 - Speaking of Wordpress, I'm thinking of switching over.  Has anyone done this before?  Thoughts? I guess with all this change in my life, I thought maybe a change on the blog could be good, too!

4 - And speaking of change....B & I purchased a new mattress this past weekend!  We bought a super comfy memory foam iComfort mattress.  I'm in heaven.

5 - We bought a new mattress because we bought a new bed!!

This beauty is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday!!!  I could squeal with excitement, in fact I most definitely will when it gets here!!  I'm planning to get new, crisp, white bedding for us, too!

6 - Since we got a new bed, we're moving our bed into the guest bedroom.  I'm probably just as excited, maybe a little more, to get the guest bedroom all set up!!  That seems really grown up to me, to have a guest bedroom.  Haha, I have really cute plans for it though, so I'm excited!!

7 - This guy is pretty much my little side kick...

He comes with me to the gym every day, we even brought his big crate from home (meaning it is out of my kitchen, good glory hallelujah!).

He gets to go on lots of car rides now every day and he loves it!!

Gotta have that wind in my hair!

Then he gets tired & takes naps at the gym...

It's tough being Berkley :)

8 - I finished cleaning out my room at school yesterday, so I'm really, really done now!  It's amazing how much crap stuff you can accumulate in 4 1/2 years of teaching!  I threw away so much, but I kept some good stuff, too.

9 - My parents were still in town over the weekend so I got to see my Dad Saturday and celebrate Father's Day a little bit!  It was also my brother Rob's 1st Father's Day as well as our BIL Casey's!  And the 7th one for my brother Josh.  So Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful men!!  So lucky to know them!

10 - I think I'm out of updates, but I like to end on even numbers :)


Officially official...

Welp...it's officially official!  Cat's out of the bag!  

My Ben cat :)

Today I told my school I will not be returning in the fall.

Starting Wednesday, I will be a full time trainer, office manager, marketing {and whatever else needs to be done} gal for CrossFit Pineville!!!  I'm sad and excited and thrilled and a little scared and super pumped and then a little sad again.  Basically, I'm a ball of emotion!

If you've been around here a while, you may remember this post I wrote last fall.  Suddenly, I feel like I'm a flip flopper and going back on everything I wrote in that post.  But I know in my head and my heart that's not true, I'm not flip flopping.

My principal summed it up well today when she said "You're not running from something, you're running to something."  At the end of the day, even with all the mess going on in the educational world - all the politics, low teacher moral, terrible pay, standardized testing, 21st century teaching, yada, yada, yada - I'd still be going back in the fall if CrossFit Pineville hadn't been born.

I was fortunate to work at a great school with great people and great kids!  And I will sincerely miss the people and kids!!!  But will I miss the mess and the stress?  No sir-ee bob! :)

So tomorrow, you may hear me squeal with glee as I leave the school building and I'll be doing my happy dance all the way to the box!  Haha

In non-box/CFP news...

Brandon and I finally got to meet our sweet baby nephew, Weston, in Michigan this past week!

He is the cutest little man!!  And feisty!  So glad we could meet him before he was walking and speaking in full sentences!

And our sweet new little niece, Scarlett, was born yesterday!!

Born June 9th at 3:20am, 6 lbs 14 oz, 19.5 in long.  She's a little peanut!

And a doll baby!  I can't wait to get my hands back on her!!

These baby nieces and nephews give me fever....

But then I remember how I like sleeping through the night so we'll wait just a bit longer ;)

Happy day friends!


Berkley is 1!!

This guy turned a whole year old on Saturday!!!

Sadly, we didn't throw him a doggy party because we're bad fur parents just a teensy bit busy lately! Well that, and he's a dog so he doesnt really need a party! Haha, but we did buy him some yummy birthday treats, let him dig in the back yard, and sleep on the bed with us at night!

Not that he doesn't normally get to do those things anyway. Spoiled much?!

No way, not this pup! ;)

Berkley, you are our favorite dog in the whole wide world!! We're so glad you adopted us last year! You have the sweetest, friendliest, spunkiest personality, you're so stinkin' cute & we're so glad you're ours!!!

Here are some of my favorite pics form your first year...

Meeting your cat bro!

Floppy ear love

Dead dog

Floppy ears no more!!

Pure happiness :)

Our smiley dog!

In his Christmas sweater!

King of the hay!