Weekend Recap

Welp, sadly it's already Sunday night & the weekend is coming to a close!  We're watching a movie, though, while listening to the rain fall through our open windows...so I really can't complain :)

We've had a busy, but great weekend!!  

Friday night was all I had hoped for and more - B and I took a day off from the gym & enjoyed a pre-dinner beverage on the patio after work while watching the kids play in the back yard!

We met our friends Sam & Lisa for dinner at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar and parked it on the patio.  {Very easy to eat Paleo at Bad Daddy's by the way!}  It was perfect porch eating weather, and you know I love that!!

Sam & Lisa :)

Me & B!

We took the party over to Fox & Hound afterwards where our friends Andrea and Corey met us.  We, of course got a little camera happy!  Somehow Andrea & Corey didn't make it into a pic :(

Haha, Sam's face!

Cute couple!!



Saturday we slept in & it was oh so needed!  We both got in a good workout, then ran some errands.  I went to about 5 grocery stores {ok, just 2} and Target, then met B at The Meat House to pick out our steaks for dinner!


We relaxed on the couch & watched 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill.  Have you seen it!?  It's HI-larious, so you should definitely rent it!

Today we unintentionally slept in extra late, past 10!!  We never do that, but I guess these weeks are just exhausting us!  I hit the ground running and got to meal planning for the week....made my Paleo breakfast muffins, hard boiled a few eggs, chopped up a pineapple I bought and got dinner going in the crockpot.  

If there's anything I've figured out about Paleo, it takes a lot of planning!  But it's way worth it!!

B set out for a long run outside - he has his Spartan Beast Race coming up in a month so he's training hard!  I went for a long run at the gym so I wouldn't miss any of the Panther's game!!  Wooo did we smoke those Saints or what!?!?  Who Dat pshhhh.

It was quite motivating to run to the game I must say....if we did something great I was excited & pumped and if we did something not so great I was angry and ran faster, haha.

Obviously I wore Panther's colors & my Panther's hat!!

Tonight, I finished up a small bit of lesson planning while this guy just tried getting in the way...

Can't be mad at him though, he's just too cute!  And these 2 are currently snuggling :)

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to enjoy what's left of my Sunday night...here's to a lightning quick work week!


Thankful Thursday!

Today, today is Thankful Thursday!  

Why you ask?  

Because if I don't decide to be thankful today, I would probably drown in all the other noise of this world that has this way of dragging you down, overwhelming and exhausting you, and making you want to throw a temper tantrum/pitty party for yourself on your drive home from work.

Oh, that's just me!?  Well....then never mind!

Anywoo, there's always lots to be thankful for & focusing on those things can sure do wonders for attitude! =) Here's my list for today...

This gorgeous fall weather!  

This week has been so pleasant, a breath of fresh air!!  The mornings are cool, I even dare say chilly & the highs have been around 80 every day.  Pure bliss!  Berkley is loving the fall temps, too!!

Our afternoons are spent outside for a good 30+ minutes doing lots of this...

Seriously, highlight of my day!  Love that stinker :)

Friends who run off steam with you and then indulge in mani/pedi night!  

Last night, Andrea came over for a run, then we made a girls night of it with a little mani/pedi action.


I got one of OPI's new colors - My Very First Knockwurst.  I love it!  I think it actually looks a little darker than that pic, a nice fall pink.  Might just have to buy it!

It's amazing what some pampering and polish will do for a girl's mood ;)

Tomorrow's Friday!

Oh yes, I'm very thankful for that!  B and I have plans to meet some friends, park ourselves on a patio for some good food & drinks, and enjoy a fantastic Friday night!  I can't wait!!

This weekend is shaping up to look like a good one.  We have a few things to do around the house Saturday & are looking forward to some good R&R!

Cheers to the weekend friends!!!


Ginormous Sized Update

Hello blog world!!!  Man have I missed you!

I think I'm finally {bless it} getting into a good routine with school, which means I've found a few minutes to actually blog! :)

Since it's been {ahem} 2 weeks since I last posted, there's a lot to share!  But in an effort to keep this from being the world's longest blog post ever, I'll just detail the highlights, bullet point style!
  • The last weekend in August, B & I flew off to Michigan for his company's summer work party! Friday night was spent on a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan with everyone in the sales department...

We kept the party going in the bustling town of Muskegon and went out with everyone afterwards!

Saturday, we were off to Michigan's Adventure where we got our roller coaster/water slide on {aka waited in a lot of lines!} and I nearly died on the Rip Cord {video posted here}!

We were glad to get back home to this naughty boy...

Someone shouldn't be on the pillows!!
  • It was back to real life on Monday after getting back as school started!  B sent me a gorgeous bouquet on my first day, as he always does :)  He never fails to make me feel special!

  • Our Labor Day weekend was full of family, friends & fun!  We had a family cook out at my bro & SIL's house up in Concord.  It was pretty much a dog party (their 2 dogs, Berkley & my parents dog!) and Berkley got to meet his doggy cousins :)
Sunday night of Labor Day weekend, we finally caught up with our friends Kelly & Ryan!  They brought their {huge} pup, Bentley, over and we all ate some awesome food and watched the pups play!

Tug o' War!!
  • Somehow, even a short work week after labor day was still exhausting!!  But I survived the first 2 weeks, so I'm counting it as a win :)
  • I started the Paleo diet on Labor Day and I'm on week 2.  I'm loving how I'm feeling & really loving how I'm looking!  So far, it's much easier than I was prepared for and I don't miss dairy or grain near as much as I thought I would....but Paleo requires a post of it's own, so more on that another day!
  • This past weekend, I helped host a baby shower for my sweet friend, Rachel, at my house! Rachel is expecting a precious little baby girl toward the end of next month, so soon now!

Rachel with the hostesses :)  Katie, Erin, Rachel, Ashley, & Me

2 out of the 4 hostesses are also expecting!  Something's apparently in the water, but don't worry, I filtered mine before I drank it ;)

The shower was so, so gorgeous!!  Unfortunately I didn't take pics, but when Rachel, Erin or Katie blogs about it, I'll share the link!
  • B & I grabbed dinner with some good friends Saturday night and then enjoyed a busy, productive Sunday together!
Surprisingly, I think that pretty much sums up the past 2 weeks in a nutshell!  I had several meetings today at school, but the rest of my week is shaping up to be less busy on the school front, so I'm going to relish that and this amazing weather while I can :)

Ahhh...feels good to blog again!  Hopefully I'll be able to manage at least a post or 2 a week, but I can't make any guarantees just yet!

Happy almost hump day!  Here's to a speedy rest of the work week friends!!