Weekend Recap

Welp, sadly it's already Sunday night & the weekend is coming to a close!  We're watching a movie, though, while listening to the rain fall through our open windows...so I really can't complain :)

We've had a busy, but great weekend!!  

Friday night was all I had hoped for and more - B and I took a day off from the gym & enjoyed a pre-dinner beverage on the patio after work while watching the kids play in the back yard!

We met our friends Sam & Lisa for dinner at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar and parked it on the patio.  {Very easy to eat Paleo at Bad Daddy's by the way!}  It was perfect porch eating weather, and you know I love that!!

Sam & Lisa :)

Me & B!

We took the party over to Fox & Hound afterwards where our friends Andrea and Corey met us.  We, of course got a little camera happy!  Somehow Andrea & Corey didn't make it into a pic :(

Haha, Sam's face!

Cute couple!!



Saturday we slept in & it was oh so needed!  We both got in a good workout, then ran some errands.  I went to about 5 grocery stores {ok, just 2} and Target, then met B at The Meat House to pick out our steaks for dinner!


We relaxed on the couch & watched 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill.  Have you seen it!?  It's HI-larious, so you should definitely rent it!

Today we unintentionally slept in extra late, past 10!!  We never do that, but I guess these weeks are just exhausting us!  I hit the ground running and got to meal planning for the week....made my Paleo breakfast muffins, hard boiled a few eggs, chopped up a pineapple I bought and got dinner going in the crockpot.  

If there's anything I've figured out about Paleo, it takes a lot of planning!  But it's way worth it!!

B set out for a long run outside - he has his Spartan Beast Race coming up in a month so he's training hard!  I went for a long run at the gym so I wouldn't miss any of the Panther's game!!  Wooo did we smoke those Saints or what!?!?  Who Dat pshhhh.

It was quite motivating to run to the game I must say....if we did something great I was excited & pumped and if we did something not so great I was angry and ran faster, haha.

Obviously I wore Panther's colors & my Panther's hat!!

Tonight, I finished up a small bit of lesson planning while this guy just tried getting in the way...

Can't be mad at him though, he's just too cute!  And these 2 are currently snuggling :)

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to enjoy what's left of my Sunday night...here's to a lightning quick work week!


Annie said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! Happy Work Week ahead! Ugh!

Dee Stephens said...

You guys are always working out!! LOVE it