Snow Day Confessions

Ok, confession #1 - It's not actually snowing!  But it's sleeting/freezing raining and it was enough to get an early dismissal from school!!  Don't you love the south?!  Amen.

Confessions #2 - I was so hoping for an early dismissal!  Snow days are for the birds, because snow days = make up days & make up days suck!!  This way, we don't have to make up a day and I was home from a quick trip to target in my yoga pants before school even normally lets out.  Score!

Confession #3 - I am constantly wearing my hubs shoes to walk Berkley.  Weird?  Probably.  Convenient?  Very!  His shoes are bigger (obviously) & slip right on and off when I have to take Berktits outside.

Confession #4 - Yes, I just called my dog Berktits.  We have weird names for our animals!  Don't ask :)

Confession #5 - I need some new slippers, but I'm picky and can't find any I like.  This results in me wearing socks all the time because I - a) don't like to walk around barefoot because my feet get cold and b) then I can feel all the dirt on my hardwood/tile floors.  Gross!

Confessions #6 - Clearly I don't mop enough!  Whoops.

I'm all linked up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for her Friday Confessional!  So confess to me & tell me a little something I don't know :)

We're off to the gym before they close early tonight, then hanging out with cone head :)  Happy Friday y'all!!


Wine and Summer said...

I love wearing shoes that are too big for when I am walking the dogs or going to get the mail. It's just so easy and clomping around makes me giggle.

Jordon said...

Just found your blog via the link up! I have been on the hunt for some new slippers, good luck finding the perfect pair!


Annie said...

I have lands end slippers which are warm and I wear them outside to walk my buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I just stumbled across your blog! My fiance, who lives in Charlotte, sent me pictures of your weather today. Gross.

I think it's perfectly acceptable to wear your husband's shoes.


Katie Perdue said...

I've been following your blog for a while, but I'm not sure I knew you were in Charlotte! I grew up in the Lake Norman area and now live near Salisbury!