Long Weekend Recap

Hello there friends!!  No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth!  Yes, I'm still alive!  Just back into a sporadic blog posting schedule due to this thing called LIFE!

I didn't get around to posting much last week...but if I did it would have consisted of wake up, teach all day, work some more, workout, play with dog, eat, paperwork, sleep.

Boring right!?  So, you're welcome.

Anyways....this past weekend was a LONG weekend & it was glorious!!  Sunday nights are totally different when you don't have to wake up and work the next day!  I could get used to that ;)

Friday night, Rachel & I organized a fun Surprise Diaper Dinner for my longest friend, Ashley!  She's expecting baby #2 in less than 6 weeks!!

Ashley's my longest friend, not because she's super tall or anything and not oldest friend because we're not old, but longest friend because we've been friends since about 18 months old and she's been my friend for pretty much as long as I can remember!  And I'm so thankful for her friendship!!

All of us after dinner!

We had dinner at Cantina 1511, one of Ashley's favorites {and mine!}.  Ashley thought she was just getting dinner with Rachel & I!  I wish I had taken a picture of her face as she walked in and noticed us all!  Priceless!  I'm so glad you were surprised Ash, it was such a fun night!!

Saturday morning we took the fur babies to the vet for their well visits.  Everyone's healthy, except our wallet, it is bleeding in vet bills!  Hah

We got a good workout in & ran a few errands, then relaxed for a bit before heading to our friends', Ryan & Kelly's, to grill out.  We bought beef tips from The Meat House {which is my favorite meat store ever!} and they were amazing!  Probably the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!!

We slept through watched a bootleg version of Django, which was very well done I must say.  It was a super long movie, though!

We slept in Sunday, went for a nice run outside and got a good workout in.  I did some cleaning while B washed & waxed my car, it's so sparkly now! :)  We did our normal Sunday things like the grocery store and laundry and I looked forward to a day off the next day!

Yesterday, I was way productive!  Amazing what I can do with a day off!  Did some more cleaning and food prep for the week, killed a workout, and did some school work.

Last night, Lisa & Andrea came over for Bachelor Paleo Monday Night!  We chatted and ate and watched and it was lovely ending to a good day!

This morning, I dropped off poor Berkley to lose his manhood :( He had no clue what was coming!  I came to get him this afternoon after my workout and found this pitiful thing looking back at me...

Look at those eyes!

I can't lie, I just kept laughing at him with I first picked him up!  That cone is hilarious and he was a drunk puppy!

My patient is doing well now, though.  He's eaten a bit, his meds are wearing off, and now he's snuggled up next to me!  Hopefully he heals right up & is back to himself in no time!

Almost time for Parenthood!  Happy almost hump day & here's to a 3 day work week!!

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