Midweek Randoms

Can I get an amen for Wednesday night!?  2 days left til the weekend!

So have I showed you this lovely new addition to our foyer?

This piece is from Brandon's mom and we brought it home with us after Christmas!

I mentioned liking this piece to my MIL, I believe, our first married Christmas.  She said she would put our name on it for one day.  When she was visiting in September, she said we needed this piece for this exact spot!  And was she ever right!?

I just love it!  I think it's gorgeous and adds so much character to our foyer!  Thank you Joan for parting with it for us :)

This gorgeous print on top of it was part of my gift from my SIL, Callie, from Naptime Diaries Print Shop.  She had my name in our family drawing this year.  I just love this verse.  What power it speaks!

Today I visited the dentist.  I really love our dentist, she's great, but I really hate how she tells me I have cavities every time I see her!  Ughh.  Maybe my New Year's Resolution needs to be more flossing and swishing?!

Personally, I blame my sweet tooth & that fat girl that lives inside of me that loves chocolate!

Good TV is back!  Sunday is Happy Endings, Monday is The Bachelor & The Biggest Loser, Tuesday is New Girl, Happy Endings (again! Love it!), Private Practice, & Parenthood, Wednesday is Modern Family & Nashville, and Thursday is Grey's Anatomy!

So much good TV and so little time!  Thank heavens for DVR.  See also, I should get a life ;)

Hope your week is stupendous so far!


Casey said...

We watch the exact same shows! All of my faves!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I have never heard of Happy Endings!?! I don't think I have enough time in the day to add another show to my long list of faves.

Mariel said...

That furniture is just absolutely GORGEOUS and it fights there perfectly! I'm so jealous :)