Birthday Weekend!

This past Saturday, I turned 26!!!

I am now closer to 30 than 20, which, in my opinion, is pretty exciting because really, life just keeps getting better!

This weekend was a busy one, but I would have spent my birthday weekend no other way :)

Festivities started early on Thursday night with Andrea and our traditional birthday trip to our favorite, Polished Nail Bar!  Then followed up by a little impromptu birthday dinner at Jade with Lisa!

Feeling spoiled with pretty nails from Andrea & a Lululemon giftcard from Lisa!  For real, my friends are pretty freaking fantastic!

I've been fighting a lovely cough for a while so I took the day off on Friday and tried to rest up.  I took some good naps with this guy...

...and made these ah-MAZ-ing Paleo brownies for my birthday!!

They were so good!!  B & I have such a sweet tooth, I'll have to find a reason to make these again soon!

For my birthday dinner, B took me to Terrace Cafe.  It was just as good as the first time!

My love at dinner :)  This meat and potato lover eats salads now!!!

Sorry for the crapola pics!  And the bags under my eyes!!  WTH 26!?!

Again, not the best pic, but that gorgeous necklace was my birthday present from B!  He's so sneaky!!  Finding time to go jewelry shopping without me even knowing!

Birthdays overwhelmingly remind me how loved I am and how blessed I am simply by the people that I'm lucky enough to call family and friends.  All the well wishes, Facebook posts, tweets, texts, phone calls...sure can make your heart swell!!

As I said, our days were busy this weekend, but our nights were spent laying on the couch together with our fur babies.  I can think of no better way to celebrate another year!


So here's to 26!!  This will be a year for the books, it's going to be exciting y'all, I promise!!!  So stick around!

*And no, I am not pregnant! ;)


Jen said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend. Your necklace is beautiful! I am also a big fan of your brownies and your NOT pregnant references :)

Annie said...

Happy Birthday friend! Sorry I missed telling you on your actual day! :)

Mariel said...

Happy birthday! I'll be 26 soon...crazy to think about! Love the necklace!

Jordon said...

Happy belated birthday!! I love it when Tyler sneaks around to buy jewelry and later on I hear what he told me so I wouldn't be suspicious!

Dee Stephens said...

Happy Belated Birthday! No prego? ARe you sure?! LOL

CAC muffin said...

Happy happy Birthday! May 26th be the best one yet!!!!