Random Life Update :)

Catch up!  That's what I need to play!!  My poor, sad blog is so lonely and neglected :(

I get sad that blogging has taken a back seat for the past few months...I so enjoy journaling our little life's journey and this sweet community! But when I get sad, I just try to remember I am doing a great work right now.

I am working and making an impact and bringing in a little bit of money for our family and all the while struggling trying to find balance.  And sadly, right now that means that most nights I am doing work or when Brandon is home I am not typing away on a post...although he'd probably tell you I have my face planted in my iPad playing Candy Crush!  Whoops....seriously, don't download that game!  But go download it, cause it's such fun, mindless entertainment!

I digress...back to my point!  I definitely don't plan on giving up blogging, but I'm just going to have to come to terms with the fact that it's not going to be anything regular for a few more months.  I am doing a great work and one day I might have regular posts again!  Maybe ;)

So onto a random life update...let's play catch up {aka a picture and brain dump}, shall we!?

All clean after the groomer :)

How cute are these animals!?! Omg....it's impossible to be mad at them if they do something wrong, because then they just get all cute & you can't even act mad!  Love my fur babies!

My sweet MIL sent me these redneck wine glasses for my birthday!  Seriously, it's super fun drinking out of these bad boys!


I bought myself a food processor with all my birthday money!!  I'm so excited about it, too!  You know you're old when.... Ha, seriously, it was between a food processor & curtains for our bedroom.  I've already used it twice, I think I'll be getting lots of use from this bad boy!

Speaking of our bedroom...I've decided I really want to be the kind of person that makes their bed every day.  Because, I won't lie to you, I am not one of those people!  I don't exactly know when I'm going to become this person.  Soon, I think!  I really like getting in a bed at night that was made and it just makes the room look put together!  Ok, so, it's settled....starting soon!!

I think I'd also like to be one of those people that uses less exclamation points!  But I just can't!  Nope.

Sportin' B's way to big aviators!

This is what our Saturday afternoon looked like...perfection pretty much!  The weather in the Carolinas this past weekend was GORGEOUS!!  We brought our beach radio out to the driveway, I lounged in a lawn chair with Berkley tied up to it and read magazines while B washed our cars!  It wasn't a bad view ;)

When B was done, we had a couple beers right there in our driveway!  Redneck!? Quite possibly!  Ok with it?  Yep!  We both got a little sun & then went right up the street to grab some dinner and green beer (bottles that is!) for St. Patty's Day!

Between last weekend's weather & day light savings, I am so ready for spring & warmer weather!!  Flip flops, tank tops, porch sittin' weather, grilling out, pool days....yes!  Bring it on!

Sadly, the forecast is going in the crapper for the next week or so.  Which is terrible news for the Spartan Race this weekend!!!  I'm so nervous, y'all!  On top of it probably being the hardest thing I've ever done physically to date, it's supposed to be 52 with possible showers.  Wahhhh...can I change my mind!?!?

Say your prayers for me on Saturday!!  Eeeeeeek!

On a brighter note....there are 7 school days until Spring Break!!  And counting!  :)


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

It is hard to juggle life and blogging so totally understand where you are coming from. Get life sorted out then come back. We miss seeing your posts!!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! This isn't a good weekend for a race :(
I'll be thinking of you for sure!

Mindy said...

Good luck on the Spartan race!!! You will be a rockstar!!!! I love candy crush too, so addicting!!! And what's wrong with using lots of exclamation marks?!?! Haha!