Weekend Recap

We had a great & super busy weekend over here!!  

Friday we got in a good workout then parked it on the couch for the evening!  We watched some of the Boston bombing manhunt unfold and then I fell asleep.  Shocker!!  I know :)

Saturday was an earlier morning for a workout & then it was baby shower time!

Gale had such a gorgeous baby shower!!!  

Unfortunately I did a craptastic job at taking pictures...fail!  The pictures probably wouldn't have done it justice anyway!

Some of my SIL's family threw the shower & they outdid themselves!!  They incorporated purple and grey which are baby Scarlett's nursery colors & had an amazing brunch spread complete with a waffle bar, quiches, yogurt & granola, heath bar scones {!!!} and fruit.  {Sadly I did not partake in all the yumminess!  Ughh...dang clean eating, sucks the fun out of parties!!  Haha}

  We played a fun little game...they had balloons all over the house with baby pictures of Gale and a question attached to the bottom of the string.  I learned a lot of interesting facts....like babies are born without knee caps & the most teeth a baby ever had at birth was 12.  TWELVE teeth y'all!!!!  WTH!?!

Ok I digress...

Lots of baby loot!!

Baby Scarlett's nursery...

It's hard to tell in this pic, but the back wall is a gorgeous deep purple and the bedding is purple & grey!

Love that dresser!!  And the bassinet!  Doesn't her nursery look like it's straight off the page of PBK or something!?  So chic!!

And the mama to be with her mom & sisters :)  Stole this one off Facebook :) Remember how horrific I am at taking pics?  Yeah.

After the shower & all day Sunday there was lots and lots of painting!!  Seriously, so. much. painting!  I can't wait to share the full details, maybe this week!?  But in between painting we made time for family dinner Saturday night, a 3 miler Sunday morning {my fastest ever I might add!} & family breakfast :)

Brandon's apparently deep in prayer and I'm definitely not on any kind of technology...what!?

Some how after painting all day yesterday, I still managed to grocery shop & do a little food prep before collapsing on the couch during Game of Thrones!

Today was a Monday.  So.... 'nuff said about that!

How was your weekend friends!?!

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