Easy Weekend

Oh how I love my weekends, however, short as they always are!!!  Wahhh....seriously, can't we all band together to do something about this serious not problem & extend weekends!?  I really need a 3rd day!  Oh to dream.... :)

We were off to Raleigh this past Friday, doggy in tow, for a little business and pleasure.

Berkley had his first stay in a hotel (oh yes...we were those people with their dog at the hotel!) and did so well!!  He loved meeting lots of people, having the run of the room, and a lower bed so he could actually jump up onto it!  Haha, still slept in his crate, though like a champ!  Our little crate sleeper :)

Since we were away, it was one of those times where you're forced to relax, and I can't say I minded!  The weather was gorgeous, I got a good workout in each day, strolled with Berkley in a park nearby, did a little work, played a little candy crush, laid around!  Not too shabby y'all!

We grabbed a delish dinner out Saturday night at Cantina 18!  If you're in the Raleigh area, go there asap & have a skinny margarita!!!  So good!

I spent a good portion of my afternoon yesterday grocery shopping & then food prepping in the kitchen!  Eating clean, while not hard, does take some serious prep!  Well worth it, though!  After all...


Manic Monday today wasn't so terrible, so I guess I can't really complain!  And I'm glad to have my hubby home for an extra night in the wake of everything that happened in Boston today!!


In the midst of all that's awful, this quote gives me hope that maybe people are inherently good.


There are always helpers!  Today, seeing the first responders run towards the blasts, we know some people are inherently good and it restores you just a little in the middle of all this evil.

I hope your Monday was easy and your loved ones are accounted for and hugged extra tight tonight friends!  Talk soon :)


Dee Stephens said...

Did you get our email about a cookout? Love that B got to stay in a hotel! Buddy is to go everywhere with me!

Evelina Sunny said...

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