Remember when I used to blog!?

Well, hey there dear, sweet blog friends of mine!!  Are you still actually there!?  Still checking back to see if I've posted, updated anything, or am even alive!?

I assure you I am alive!!  Just super busy, living on caffeine & a prayer ;)

Remember when I used to have all this free time over the summer?  And before that, when I was in a good routine/flow with school!?  And when I actually, regularly posted on my little blog!?!

{Sigh} I sure do.  That was fun!

Between getting back in the swing of things (aka waking up at 520 everyday and working until 4ish), having a puppy, and trying to get my fitness on daily amongst the other gajillion things to do - there is so little time for blogging :(  wahhhhh!!  I've yet to even recap our weekend trip to Michigan :'(

I will eventually recap & share our pictures, but until then, I'll leave you with a little teaser...

Yes, Brandon & I are certifiably insane!!  Thought I was going to die!  But more on all that later :)

Ok friends, just bear with me while I get my school legs back on!  And don't worry, Stella Michelle will get her groove back ;)


Dee Stephens said...

I've so been there! Hang in there

Ashley said...

I'm right there with you as a first year teacher. There is just not enough time in the day right now. I'm pretty sure as a newb in town, the local coffee shop baristas are going to know me by name!