Spartan Beast Race

2 posts in one weekend!?!  Who am I!?  ;)

Yesterday, Brandon participated in his second Spartan Race and I think it deserves a blog post!!

He competed in the Spartan Beast Race at Carolina Adventure World in Winnsboro, SC.  This bad boy  of a race was about 13 miles with 25 obstacles!!!  

Sounds like death if you ask me!  Haha, thank goodness the one I'm doing in March is the Spartan Sprint, only about 5 miles and 15 obstacles, only. {Oh bless, who am I kidding!?  The Spartan Sprint could definitely be the death of me!}

You can sign up for it here, by the way!  Join me!? :)

Anyways...B was in the 12:30 heat so once we got down there we got him "tatted" up and took a few clean pictures!

Ready to go!!

And he was off!

I set up camp with my camping chair and a few magazines and waited out at about the 6 mi point where you can see the racers climb a rope and do the traverse wall.

B made it to this point at about an hour and 5 mins in which was earlier than I was expecting him!!  I'm really glad I happened to glance up & see him!

Just after ringing the bell & just before losing his grip!  Haha

Not the best luck on the traverse wall...so slippery.
Burpees it is!!!  Yuck!

After this he was off to complete the last half of the race and I wouldn't see him again until almost the end.  By this time, two 7 ft walls to scale, the archery throw, a mud pit and incline wall, the fire & the gladiators would be what separated him from the finish line!

Since he completed the 1st half of the race in just over an hour, I wasn't quite sure what to expect for the 2nd half, so I stood waiting for him after about the 2 hour and 15 minute mark since I didn't want to miss him!

The 2nd half had a ton of obstacles apparently & B lost his time chip at one point, so he had to backtrack about 10 minutes in order to find it - all adding about 20 minutes to his time!!

He made it to this point at almost 3 hours.

7 ft Walls

Didn't get the archery throw - he was an angry elf!
More burpees!!

Of course of the 2 obstacles he didn't get - the ones I could watch!  Haha, he completed all the others except 1 that he skipped and just did the burpees instead because there was a long line!

So muddy!

More mud!!

Over the fire!


And with a smile...that was only for the pictures!  Haha

He was hurting!  And continued to hurt last night and today.  There's been lots of icing and slow walking!

His medal!

B's already said he doesn't care to do this race again!  Haha, but the pain is worth the glory at least once :)  And well earned!!!

B finished 22nd in his age group, faster than all but 2 women & 70th overall!  Out of over 2,300 participants!!  Although, he should've been in the top 50 and beaten the fastest girl if not for losing his time chip!  Ugh!!

Still, lost time chip & all, I think it's pretty dang impressive!!!  Way to go babe!  Here's to never doing another Beast Race and dominating the Spartan Sprint in March!! :)

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