Happy Saturday!!


WOD Junkie

Brandon & I started our Saturday morning with this workout!  It's a Crossfit workout that we did at our gym & it is no. joke.  I dare you to try it!!

We had to modify a bit because of what the gym had - I used 20 in box, did 25 pound push press, B used an 15 pound medicine ball and I used an 8 pounder.  We also had to do air squats instead of double unders because they had no jump ropes.

But still, it was a butt kicking good time!  I'm excited to try it again and try to beat my time today!

Welcome February!!

 If you recall, I was aiming for a booze free January and also decided for a Starbucks (and any other coffee) free January in an effort to boost my Paleo habits.  I made it til last weekend alcohol free!!  26 days....I think that's pretty impressive!  And I made it all month without coffee!

So you best believe I had a tall vanilla latte in hand yesterday morning :)  I'm going to keep it to a one latte a week minimum, though.  Better for the body & the wallet!

I'm also down 2 pounds since the beginning of the year!  Whoop whoop!!

That's less than I had hoped for, but I've really upped my weight training once again and can definitely see a difference.  Muscle weighs more than fat & I'm not going to obsess about a number.  It's so much more about how I feel, look, and how my clothes fit.

But - seeing those numbers go in the right direction sparked some more motivation for sure!!

Puxatony Phil predicted an early spring today & our back yard seems to agree!  Bring it on spring, I'll gladly kiss these cold temps goodbye!

Hope your weekend is shaping up nicely!  I'm going to paint my nails a fun bright color in honor of an early spring, meet some teacher friends for dinner & then head out with my man!

Cheers friends!

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