Worst blogger ever.  This girl.  Right here!  

I feel like I preach the same sad song whenever I get a chance to get on here and write a post...I'm so busy, I have no time, my poor blog is so neglected!  Wah, wahh, wahhh right!?  Haha

I'm still reading all y'all's blogs, though, trying to keep up & commenting as much as I can!  So now I'll attempt to play catch up.  Here's what's been going on here lately...

Loving - Bachelor Monday Nights!  My friends Andrea and Lisa have been coming over pretty consistently every Monday night to make a yummy Paleo meal, have some girl talk and watch a little trashy, awkward TV!  Good times :)

Watching - Bachelor!  I loved Sean last season which I think is probably the only reason I'm watching this season.  Well that, and an excuse to have a girls night!  Ha, but oh how I cringe as I watch him on some of these dates!!  They're so awkward.  I literally have to look away sometimes!


Looking forward to - My birthday!  I'll be 26 in about 3 weeks and even though I keep getting older, I still love my birthday and celebrating another year!  Talk to me in about 3 more years when I'm pushing 30, maybe my tune will change.  But so far, life keeps getting better!  I can't complain!!

Making me happy - This guy!

Seriously, being married to your best friend is the best thing in the world!  Cheesy sounding, but true! We have fun no matter what we're doing.  And he spoils me rotten!

Thursday, Brandon sent me this picture and said "Happy early Valentine's Day!  Sorry I'm such a tease!"  So I had to wait all day long to see what was in that bag!!

I opened the bag that night to find this pretty...

And, a new phone cover!  Mine had been on the outs!


See, spoiled!  I thought we were just doing a fun at home date night, ha.  Good thing I have something up my sleeve ;)

Celebrating - This sweet girl's 7th birthday!!

It's hard to believe the sweet little girl that made me an aunt is now 7!  Roen is so precious & I just love being her aunt!  We wrote on her card this year she was our favorite niece....she can continue to hold that title til niece number 2 gets here in May or June!

Loathing - All the paperwork I'm drowning in lately!  I'm trying to be super organized & schedule when I'm doing what paperwork.  It seems to be working!  This too shall pass, right!?

Browsing - Pinterest!  My love for pinterest has never wavered, but like blogging, I typically don't have a lot of time to aimlessly browse around!  But lately, I have been pinning lots of yummy Paleo recipes & butt kicking workouts!  I try to skip over all the deliciously-looking-terribly-bad-for-you-make-you-want-to-stuff-your-face-with-all-the-food pins.  I've been mildly successful :)

Oh, and you can follow me here.

Missing - My blog!!  My goal is at least a post a week, if only to journal what's going on in our lives! But I'm itching to get back to a more regular blogging life.  Maybe one day when life slows down, right?!

I'm off to cook, maybe watch the Grammy's & snuggle on the couch with my boys!  Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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