Menu Monday

So, ever since I started following a Paleo/eating clean food plan last fall, I had all these high hopes of posting my day to day meals or all these great recipes I'd tried, and then this little thing called LIFE made me the worst and most sporadic blogger ever.  Seriously!

So, my Paleo food posts never really happened!  Then finally, last night, a light bulb went off!  I was all like, "Omgee, Rachel does a Menu Monday link up every week!  I should totally do a Paleo Menu Monday post and link up!"

So here we are!  I'm linking up with Rachel for Menu Monday!

Thanks to Pinterest & the glorious internet, here are several Paleo recipes I have tried and not only do I approve, but these are all Brandon approved as well!  And that says a lot!

I didn't cook all of these last week, but since it's my 1st Menu Monday post, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Also, all photos are property of the websites they are linked to.  I need to get better about taking food pics :/


These first few recipes are from Cavegirl Dish - a website I've grown very fond!

I previously mentioned their Garlic Lime ChickenSlow Cooker Pork Chops and CocoNut Date Balls (but didn't link back specifically) here!

I made this on a Bachelor Monday Night with Andrea & we both really liked it!  I thought the meat was a little dry so I might not cook it for quite the full 20 minutes when I make it again.  And the toppings are endless!

PaleOMG is another website I really like!

This recipe is amazing y'all!!  So, so good and so easy!  I made it for a Bachelor Monday Night and then another time for Brandon.  Yum!  She used coconut flour in her recipe, I used almond flour because it's what I had.  This recipe is heat hot & delicious!  Make it!

Elana's Pantry is another great website!  She has all sorts of gluten free recipes and then special diet pages with tons of recipes!

Another very tasty recipe!  And pretty easy to make, too!  I couldn't find frozen cherries to save my life so I made it with mixed berries, ha.  I won't lie, it wasn't that great as leftovers, but the night of, very good!

I've used this BBQ sauce so many times now!  I'll probably never buy BBQ sauce again, if simply for the facts that this one is easy to make, I know exactly what's going in it, keeps well and it's delish!!  It can easily be adjusted to be spicier, sweeter, whatever you like.

I've used it for dipping, put it on chicken and baked it, and last night I doubled it, put it in the crockpot with a bunch of chicken and a little chicken broth and we had pulled BBQ chicken!  It's been good every way!


Alright, that's my 1st Paleo Menu Monday post!  Let me know what you try out!


Rachel said...

I am so glad you linked up with your paleo recipes!! I am sure there are other paleo eaters out there who will love seeing this! Hope you have a great Monday :)

Bri Buzali said...

I've been trying a clean eating diet this year and absolutely have noticed a difference in how I feel! I'll have to try that homemade BBQ sauce!

I wanted to let you know about a page I started to hopefully connect all the Charlotte-area bloggers. www.thecharlottesocial.com I hope you'll check it out and link your blog up to the directory!