Midweek Randos

Happy hump day!  One of my fav days of the week....the weekend is in view :)

Between 2 jobs at the moment and my normal crazy train brain, I have lots of random things floatin' around in my noggin'!  Today, I shall spill a few.  In no particular order...

How cute are my new shoes!?!  They are Reebok Realflex Fusion Crosstraining shoes {purchased at a steal of a price here} and I am loving them!!

Berkley is quite the CrossFit dog.  He's been doing box jumps & burpees :)  I think he needs a CFP collar or shirt with our logo!  Hmm...where can I order one of these!?

Last Wednesday I got dinner with this pretty lady...

Alexa & I met for dinner and a drink or three :)  Clearly the guy behind us is real cool...thanks for the bunny ears old man.  We chatted away til almost 10!!  That was late for a school night, haha.

I've driven Rachelle a few times lately {lunch runs while working at the box} and man she rides real nice!!  I clearly used this dreamy filter in the pic because driving Rachelle is dreamy!

How spoiled is this little white fur ball!?  He's slept in the bed a few nights the past week which is new for him & us.  Probably a bad idea right!?  He got in his crate on his own last night so, we'll just have to see about all this bed sleeping!

CFP's website is live!!!  www.pinevillecrossfit.com - Check us out {and ignore the fact that it's still under construction & the horrible pic of me on the coaches page!}

Random enough for you!?  :)

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