Big Huge Super Fun & Exciting Announcement!!!!

Friends!!!  I have a Big Huge Super Fun & Exciting Announcement to make!!

I have been {sort of} patiently waiting to make this announcement since January!!!!  January!  That's 4 whole months y'all!!!  Seriously, this has been the hardest {and worst kept} secret to keep from social media because it is life changing and so, so exciting!!

It's definitely contributed to my lack of blogging/blog content over the past few months as there's been so many days I've wanted to write about this venture so far, but I just couldn't yet!

But, now I can!!  The time has finally, finally, finally come where I can make my Big Huge Super Fun & Exciting Announcement that I have been holding in for 4 long months!!!

No, I'm not pregnant :)  Guess again!!

Brandon and I are going into business with our brother in law, Warren.  As of this month, we will be opening the doors to CrossFit Pineville!!!!!!

Crazy right!?!  So here's the {semi} quick & dirty back story on how all this came about....

Brandon and I are both obviously very passionate about health and fitness!  Unless you're new here, you've probably figured that out after reading about the races we've been in, the workouts I've done, the diet (or lifestyle really) I follow, etc.

We've always dreamed of being in the health and fitness industry, but just really didn't see how that might ever manifest itself since we both already had well established jobs in other fields.  However,
we were finally turned on to CrossFit towards the end of last year {even though a few of our friends have been preaching it to us to no avail for quite some time!} thanks to a killer workout at our friends' box {box = CF gym} in Michigan.  So much so that we were looking to get involved in a CF here and Brandon started looking into getting his CF Level 1 Trainer Certificate.

At my nephew's 3rd birthday party, Brandon was talking to Warren {who is not technically our brother in law, my brother Josh married his sister Callie, but for all intensive purposes it's so much easier to just call him our BIL :) } and they landed on the topic of CrossFit.

In talking with Warren, he'd been involved in CF for almost 2 years & had been coaching some classes up at CrossFit Huntersville for about a year.  He mentioned to Brandon that he'd been thinking about starting up his own CF, but just didn't have the money to do it at that point.  We left that party and that was sort of where the conversation stopped.

But about a week later, B finally told me about this conversation with Warren and thought maybe he should call him....Warren's CF knowledge, passion for health & fitness, & capital + our passion for health & fitness & our capital....this could maybe work!

Brandon and Warren met for dinner in mid January while I was out with some girlfriends and decided that night to go for it!!!  Let'd do it!  Let's open our own CrossFit Affiliate!!

So here we are!!  It's been a long, and fun and crazy experience already....and we're just getting started!!!

B and I spent my birthday weekend taking our CF Level 1 Trainer Course!

And we passed!!!

We have our location in Pineville & are currently working to get it WOD {Workout of the Day} ready!!

This past weekend, I took a Kettlebell course down in Atlanta and received my CF Level 1 Kettlebell Trainer Certificate!!

You can look up CrossFit Pineville and like us on Facebook here.  

Our website should be up and running in the next week or so & we hope to be open for some free workouts by the middle to end of this month!!  So if you're in the Charlotte area, I better see you in for a trial workout!!! :)

We are so excited for this adventure we're embarking on!  We feel so blessed and thankful that we're even able to do this!!

I'm so glad to have finally shared my Big Huge Super Fun & Exciting Announcement with y'all!!!  Super exciting, right!?! :)


KTBFerg said...

I can't wait to try it! Think my post baby (very out of shape) body can handle it?!

Rachel said...

Seriously....so happy for y'all :)

Mindy said...

Omg congrats! I seriously thought you were prego when I read the title! :) But this is super exciting....can't wait to come check it out!!! :))

DeAnna Stephens said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME GIRL! My husband has been talking about wanting to try it and I 'might' be talked into it too. If ya'll are going to offer free classes we might sign up to see if it's something we really want to do.
LuLu and her husband love it.

CAC muffin said...

Oh my goodness sooooo exciting!!! And what a small world I went to college with warren!!!!

Whitney said...

It's so incredible you're taking a risk and doing something you love! I've always wondered about CrossFit - this could be a good reason to check it out soon!