Working Weekends

Y'all are too sweet!!  Thank y'all so much for all of your congrats, well wishes and excitement about our new big adventure!!  

I'm just so glad I can finally talk about it!  Hah, I felt like I was hiding something and keeping secrets - so it's nice to have finally spilled the beans :)

In CrossFit Pineville news...this weekend will be our soft opening!  We're offering free workouts at 9 & 11 this Saturday.  So if you're in town, bring a friend & come get your WOD on!  We'll be offering free classes the rest of May, so if you can't make it this weekend, you've got lots of opportunities!  And, our t-shirts are available for purchase :)

As seen modeled here by my sweet brosef!  They are grey if you can't tell from the yuck lighting.  And we have girl & guy fit.

Last weekend was the 3rd weekend of working at the box & trying to get it ready!  You could probably tell from some of the pics it has some a long way!!!  Most of the big stuff - all the painting, laying flooring, equipment delivery, etc - is complete!  Thankfully!  We still have a few loose ends, but we're excited to get things going!

To say the least, weekends have been busy and less than relaxing lately!  Haha, but well worth it! We've been dead tired Sunday nights, but are reminding ourselves that once we're up and fully running, weekends won't be as packed & soon we'll be in a new routine!

And no, this blog will not only be about CrossFit now.  It will continue to be a journal of our lives, which now includes CF!  But I promise it won't be all the time!

Brandon & I managed a much needed little date night this weekend...

We tried to partake in some delicioso Mexican fare for Cinco De Mayo, but one of our fav Mexican places {that shall remain nameless Cantina} said they were too busy to make our tacos in a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla!  Rude.  I mean, the nerve.  Seriously!  So we had to settle for a margarita & dinner elsewhere!

Incase you've lost count, there are a mere 22 school days left!  Woohoo - I can see the light my friends! Hope your work week is flying by! :)

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