Five on Friday

Hooray for link up Friday!  I have so much fun reading posts linked up to April & Christina's blogs!!  Go read some :)

1 - As promised, I wanted to share my favorite new nail color!  Essie Sunday Funday :)

Cute name, right!?  It's bright & cheery so you pretty much have to be in a great mood while wearing it!    I used to be an OPI girl, but I think I may have switched teams.

2 - Look at the brothers...

They are best friends!!  When Berkley's not biting him & Benson's not running away that is.  This is how I found them the other morning before heading to the box.  After this picture was taken, Berkley gave Benson's head a little bath, he was just licking his ears!  Cat & dog bros :)

3 - I think I'm late on this train {shocking!}, but I am loving Bloglovin'!!  It makes it super easy to read all my favorite blogs & I have the app on my iPhone & iPad!  Now, I won't miss a post!

4 - A special someone turns 30 this year!!  

B will be 30 at the end of September, and it just so happens, Warren will also be 30 in August!  So I'm in full fledge party planning mode!!  The theme for their combined 30th birthday is a Mustache Bash! 

{Thanks to Maran for this hilarious idea!!  She totally did this for her husband's birthday last year & I fell in love with the idea!  Yep, I'm that blogger...posing her idea :)  Please consider it the most sincere form of flattery, Maran!}

For whatever reason, mustaches are in right now!  I don't really get it, but I can get behind it, haha. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas and I'm so excited to see it all come together!  It's going to be at the box since I hope to have lots of friends & family there!  And if anyone knows of any awesome dj's that also do karaoke, please send their info my way!!

5 - This little blue box made it's way to our house yesterday...

B traveled through Asheville on his way home yesterday & brought home these little gems.  Seriously, these truffles are Heaven on Earth.  Such a fun little surprise!  Give me chocolate.  Always!

I'm off to my happy place...Target :)  Happy, happy weekend!!


DeAnna Stephens said...

DJ - Arroe Collins – 907-2363 704-907-2496 704-846-6122
He did our wedding and is GREAT! He is also a readio DJ here in town so he has a great voice for anncts!! :)

Jen said...

LOVE the mustache theme...and Pinterest does have a ton of fun ideas! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

xx BHB said...

I have Sunday Funday on my nails AS I TYPE THIS :) It's my new summer fave!