So here's what the Shuck's have been up to lately....

We started off the 4th with a Hero WOD at CFP!  We had a great group that morning, 19 people!! We did the Hero WOD Morrison.  Hero WODs are named for fallen soldiers, police, fire & medics. We thought it was a great way to start July 4th!

4th of July is seriously one of my favorite holidays!!  It ranks right up there with Christmas & Thanksgiving {& my birthday, which is not in fact a holiday, but I prefer celebrating as if it was!}! About a week out we still didn't have plans & a new box member/friend, Lauren, invited us over to her and her husband's neighborhood pool & house for some holiday fun!

And fun was definitely had by all!  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but there was sun {and rain}, food, friends, drinks, laughing, new friends, & lots of fireworks!!  I mean LOTS!  Lauren's husband Rich is a bit of a firework enthusiast!  Let's just say that when there was a buy 1 get 2 firework sale around Memorial Day, Rich stocked up!  We had an awesome private show that did not disappoint!!

Just a little CrossFit bonding with Tom & Warren!

We even convinced Lauren's husband Rich to come try CF out :)  {Some people are so skeptical ;)} We have a good little community going on at the box!  It's really one of the best parts of CrossFit!! I'm loving making new friends & how encouraging and supportive everyone is!

Speaking of the great CrossFit community, last weekend was CrossFit for Hope.  Hope is a fundraiser {and a workout - read more here} for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  The Charlotte edition is actually this weekend at CrossFit Steele Creek.  Brandon & Warren are in the 12 o'clock heat and we're really excited to be apart of it!

This is sort of the first CF event where we can put a face with the CFP name since we're the newest box in town!  We're getting a group together to go cheer Warren & Brandon on, it should be really fun!!

Happy almost Friday friends!!

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