24 years!

So I had planned for my inaugural post to be about my 24th birthday.  But life kept going and my birthday came and went :) Haha, starting this blog has been a very thought out decision and I just didn't get around to starting it up in time for my 24th like I wanted to.  But first is the worst and second is the best right...?  So instead of my inaugural post being about the big 2-4, my second post, as follows, will recap the joyous celebrations!

Yes I said celebrationS.  My birthDAY is really more like a birthday WEEK and then maybe a little more!  I'm one of those people that loves their birthday!  Any one's birthday, really.  I think they're just so fun, no matter how old you're turning!  Most people say, "Oh wait til you turn __ (fill in the blank) and you won't think it's so great!" but I think I'll always like my birthday, even as I get up there in age ;) 

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so the weekend before, Brandon and I drove down to Greenville, SC for our first baseball game of the season.  Michigan St. was playing Furman at Fluor Field in Greenville so we thought it would be a fun little overnight trip.  Brandon gave me my gift Friday night before we left the next day so I could put it to good use.  It was a new camera!!  Mine has been on the outs for a while so I was very excited!  It has lots of cool features, like a touch screen and the ability to take panoramics.

Cool panoramic of downtown Greenville!

We stopped in a cool restaurant called The Tap Room to grab a drink before the game.  We didn't eat there, but their menu looked awesome, so I recommend it if you're in the area!

We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner!  Here I am with a pretty large margarita :)
After our Saturday fun in Greenville, we came home and relaxed and got ready for another week.  Wednesday was my actual birthday, but Brandon couldn't be home since he travels during the week for work so it was business as usual.  Since he couldn't be there, he sent me some DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries at school.  He definitely knows how to make this girl happy!!

I was supposed to go out to dinner that night with my two sweet grandmothers.  They offered to take me out since they knew my hubby would be gone.  One of my grandmother's came down with the flu that week though, so I thought my birthday night was going to turn out pretty uneventful.  I was a little sad about that so I filled my afternoon with some shopping to spend birthday money and a hair appointment.  A little retail therapy can cure anything right?  On my way home, my sweet friend Courtney texted me and asked what my dinner plans were.  When I told her there weren't any, she would not allow that and offered to take me out!

Court and I at a Loco Lime! (I like Mexican food if you can't tell!)
It was fun to catch up with Courtney!  She's a fellow teacher and got engaged this past New Years so we talked lots of school and wedding!  Thanks again Courtney for taking me out!  The weekend after my birthday, Brandon planned for some of our friends to meet us out bowling to celebrate!  Before bowling, I went and got my nails done with my friend Andrea (our birthday tradition now).  No picture there unfortunately!  But it was very relaxing and much needed cause home girl's toes and nails were suffering!!  Haha, Brandon and I grabbed dinner at a pizza place near the bowling alley and then walked on over.

'Bout to get our bowl on!
Good ol' George Pappa's Bowling Alley!  Been going here since I was a kiddo :)

Action shot!  Clearly I'm an awesome bowler and I'm not about to miss my 3 pins still standing!

My friends Lisa and Dana!

Haha, not the best picture of Andrea and I (and thanks a lot Greg!), but you can kinda see our nails :)

Brandon and Justin!
 I have to share a funny story about bowling, Brandon might kill me, but it's ok!  I can't remember exactly which frame, but it was only the second or third frame of our first game.  Brandon goes up for his shot and his pants split right in the crotch!!  It was small at first, but the next time it got even bigger!  So Brandon has a giant hole in his crotch and decides to run home really quick to change into another pair of jeans!  Our friend Sandy bowled his round and when Brandon came back....first time up to bowl, splits the new pair in the same spot!!!  At this point he decides to swear off bowling and just watches and hangs out while we finish our games!  Hahaha, we had to go get him new jeans since all of his were ripped :(  The following Wednesday, I finally did go out with my grandmothers to celebrate!  It was fun to get to spend time with both of them and they were sweet to do that even after my birthday!  Needless to say I have great friends and family and I felt very loved on my birthday this year!! 

24!  Definitely feels a little different this year.  Sounds older than 23 in my head.  When people ask you your age and you say 23, they think you're fresh out of college and still a young thang (even though I graduated college at 21 a whole semester early, because I'm quite scholarly clearly!).  But when you say 24, that's mid twenties, they might even think you're close to 25 cause they have no clue when you actually turned 24!  It may indeed be older, but 24 feels good so far and I'm enjoying the ride!  Here's to many more!

Happy Weeknd y'all!!


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