Here goes nothing....

Alright yall.....I did it! I created a blog! Finally. Ever since one of my good friends, Ashley, created her blog, my world was opened up to one I never really knew exsisted. I had on occasion kept up with a few other blogs, (I'm sure I'll link up to many of them at some point, but for now just check out the ones I already follow :) but never really realized how great of a way blogging can be to journal your life, make new friends, share ideas, etc. The list goes on and on....

So here I am blog world!! Aww Shucks - The Diary of a Mrs. So as a small introduction, here is a bit of my life and I look forward to sharing more!

This is my sweet husband, Brandon, and I last summer when we were sitll engaged and on a fun trip to Atlanta for a Tigers v. Braves game with some friends!  The Braves pulled it out (haha) and we all had a blast! 

We're MARRIED!!!!!  November 20, 2010....this day was such a AWESOME day!!  We were blessed with beautiful Charlotte weather for all of Brandon's Michigan family to enjoy, everything went perfectly, and we had an absolute blast celebrating!  We recently got our wedding pictures back and created a photobook on Shutterfly.  It came in the mail yesterday and I love, love, love looking at it and reliving it all :)

Our sweet and crazy kitten Benson, the newest addition to our little family!

So as I said, this is a very small introduction, but I'll be back with more!  And I would like to add that this post took WAY longer than it should have for as technologically savey as I consider myself (which is only moderate, but still!).  I'm learning and will hopefully get the kinks out soon.  Be patient with me.


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