Friday after school, I ducked out around 2:30, came home to grab Benny and my things and headed off to Atlanta for the weekend!  My parents moved just north of Atlanta, actually, almost 4 years ago.  Hard to believe its been that long!  Brandon flew out Thursday night to Michigan for work until Saturday night.  The flight he was booked on coming home had a layover in Atlanta, getting in around 7:45.  Had he taken his connector, he wouldn't have made it back to Charlotte until almost midnight (boo!) so we decided I would head to the ATL on Friday and my parents and I would pick him up there and he would just forgo the connection.

Benson was a pretty good travel buddy, he napped in my lap the whole way :)  I tried to get a picture, but I figured my driving safety was probably more important!  Ha, my mom made a DELICIOUS dinner and had it pretty much ready by the time I got there.  What service!  It's good to be "home"!  For those of you who's parents still live in your childhood home, I can only imagine going back "home" as an adult is quite nostalgic and maybe even a little interesting.  Especially once you're married and you sleep in the same bed/room you grew up sleeping in but now with your spouse....weird right!?!  Haha 

This was my childhood home growing up :)  2 story, in a cul-de-sac, a sweet little home to grow up in from 4 years old all the way to 20!

Even though my parents' home now isn't the childhood home I grew up in, it still feels like going home!  I can just walk in the kitchen and get whatever I want out of the fridge, use the computer, lounge around and watch tv.  Still feels the same, just 3 and a half hours away now.  :)

Friday night, my parents and I stayed up late just chatting and watching TV.  Saturday consisted of sleeping in a bit and another delicious meal for breakfast.  My parents have 2 dogs, Duchess and Dakota, and a cat, Misty.  This was the first time Benson had met other animals and it was SO hilarious to watch!  Seriously, they were enough entertainment!  Misty, the cat who thinks she's dog, wanted nothing to do with Benson.  She would hiss and growl at him!  Now Duchess and Dakota on the other hand, wanted everything to do with him, but were a little scared when he would dart around and reach out to pop them with a paw!  Benson definitely wasn't so sure at first, but he became more and more brave all weekend.  Benson would sit at the top of landing on the stairs behind a gate we put up.  He would creep down the stairs to entice the pups then dart back up behind his safety net!  It was so funny, I tried to get a video, but I could never get it at the right time.  

Benson pondering his next trip down the stairs while still feeling big and bad behind the gate :)

After all the animal entertainment, we went TV shopping, grabbed lunch out at Panera (yum!), and then my Mom and I got a pedicure!  Finally, a little later than initially thought (thanks to delays, don't ya love flying!?), we met Brandon in baggage claim and headed back for a very late dinner!   Sunday morning Mom made French Toast before we headed back to Charlotte to get ready for another busy week!  Luckily, only 3 more days now for me this week!  Hope your week goes well :)

**One last note....I get sad sometimes while Brandon travels during the week, but then I flip on the news and see stories about military men and women serving our country who are away from their spouses and family for A LOT longer than 3 or so nights each week!!  So thank you men and women of our armed forces for the sacrifices you have made/are making/will make!  They are not forgotten!  


Ashley said...

Glad y'all had a good weekend! I love how you put captions under your pictures. I need to start doing that! And your pics on the side look great! Enjoy your "work from home" day on Friday! : )

Erin said...

I spent many hours at your "childhood home"!! It was always so fun! And Jovie acts just like a dog, too! Benson is too cute!