Jet Settin' Weekend

Thursday night, B & I jet setted off to Michigan for his company work summer party that weekend!  We got to the airport to discover a lovely surprise...

First Class!!!

Long story short, we had to switch our flights from Friday night to Thursday night, so a full plane left us with upgraded seats!  Woo hoo!  Our first and probably last time in first class, ha, so we had to take a picture!  Our connection out of Atlanta was delayed (due to late crew! Only the beginning of our travel woes!!) so we didn't end up in Grand Rapids with our rental car & checked in to our hotel til about 1245.  We were very tired!

Friday we planned to get up and work out, but when the alarm went off at 6 we quickly shut that off and went right back to bed!  Ha, good move :) Brandon had a work meeting about 40 mins away, so I went to le mall in the smallish town of Muskegon, MI.  Did a little shop liftin' and got mah nails did for that night!  Then I drove across the street to Barnes & Noble for a little coffee-relaxation-reading.

Friday night we headed to a dinner cruise on Lake Muskegon & Lake Michigan with a lot of B's coworkers.  It was a gorgeous night with a beautiful sunset!

Brandon summed it up well when he said, "This is when I miss Michigan!"  It was a little warm to begin with, but once the humidity left, it was really perfect!  That night we met a few of B's friends out for drinks and helped another friend celebrate her going away party!  Good times fo' sho'!!

Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast with Brandon's dad and then drove north about an hour to Double J Ranch for more Steeltech fun!  They served up some delish BBQ lunch and then were off to be first in line for the helicopter!

Brandon's boss gives helicopter rides all afternoon to those brave enough to go up :) I don't really do heights so much, so I thought the ride might scare me a bit, but it was really fun!!

After that we had some fun at the pool, went down the waterslide a few times, and met good ol' Frosty the Bull!

Saturday night back in GR we grabbed dinner with B's mom, sis & BIL, and his grandparents.  We didn't take any pictures :( but we did make some fun plans for when we're back up there in 2 weeks!!  Should be fun and we'll have a lot more time to hang out with his family and a couple friends and less work stuff even though it will just be a long weekend.

Sunday our flying woes continued....our flight out of GR at 830 was on time. Yay!  But our hour lay over and 1020 flight home arriving at noon quickly turned into a 3, then 4 hour lay over, then a CANCELLED flight altogether. 

GRRRRRR!!  Are you kidding me!?! Our whole plan of getting home at noon and avoiding a full day of travel was quickly going down the drain and our sweet kitty was still home alone :(

We were involuntarily rebooked on a flight to CINCINNATI at 525pm then finally on a flight home and landing in Charlotte at 845!  Mean Brandon was out!  Haha, I was just reading my book so I was only slightly annoyed, but about 330 when we still had 2 hours to wait, I started getting antsy!!

We ended up landing a little early and thankfully our bags were already there (weird how they could get all our bags here, but not us!?).  Brandon filled out a survey today asking about our satisfaction with our recent Delta flights and he let them have it :)  I would hope we might get a credit or some air miles out of this, but I won't be holding my breath!

I'm fighting off a cold or something so I'm off to take some nyquil & hit the hay!  Nighty nights y'all!


Ashley said...

I love your new layout! So cute! And it sounds like a great trip! I'm excited to see you Friday!

Mimi to 3 said...

I love your new background. So colorful just like the pictures you took in Michigan. Beautiful country! Hope you're feeling better soon!