Window Shopping

So I've mentioned a time or two before how I'm such a list maker, for instance here.  I come by it honestly and there is no shame :)  Well I've had an ever growing "wants" list pretty much since I started keeping lists on my phone.  (I try not to be too materialistic, but hey, it happens!) Lately my wants list has been growing and I've been doing lots of window shopping (the free kind of shopping :)

For the half marathon, I'm in need of a few new things....

For starters some new running shoes!

I've also heard of these running socks!  They help to prevent slippage in your heel while running, have "moisture management" (aka help prevent sweaty squishy sock syndrome), and provide arch support!  Gotta get some.
When I run at the gym, my water bottle is right there and I can hop off the treadmill for 5 seconds to take a drink.  Well running outside, I'm not about to carry my water bottle with me!  So I need one of these...
That way I can have water attached to me!  It would be especially helpful in this HOT weather and once I start doing some longer runs!

I have a great Nike GPS app on my phone that tracks my run - the distance, my pace, & the route!  So right now, running outside I've just been carrying my phone.  It gets all sweaty and it's annoying to have to carry it!  So I need one of these...


I think I need the pink one :)

Moving on from running stuff....the blog world as well as my twitter feed has been lighting up about this website called erincondren.com.  She has the cutest stuff, including this life planner called "favorite things" I just ordered!
Of course I personalized it with my name & my list of favorite things :)  There was a coupon deal for her website recently on a site called Plum District.  (Similar to Groupon)  I only paid $25 for $50 worth of merchandise from erincondren.com!  Even if you can't get the deal anymore, the planner comes with the rest of the months of 2011 & all of 2012 so it's well worth it in my opinion!  I <3 a good planner!  It's just the teacher and list maker in me :)

Also on her site (I swear she's not paying me! haha) I found these...

cute, cute, cute address labels!!  There are all different style including seasonal ones!  B & I hope to buy a house next year, though, so I guess I'll wait til we get a house to order actual address labels :(  A girl can dream!

And how cute are these!?  

these I found on doodlebugspaper.com

I love the idea of gift and/or kitchen labels!  And giving the labels is a great gift idea I think, too (Mom, now you know what you're getting for your birthday ;)  I especially love the idea of giving these to a newlywed with her new last name!!  Very fun & something I think I need!

Since the new school year is quickly approaching, I want a few wardrobe additions!  Like these...

Dansko shoes!  Ask any teacher or nurse who is on there feet all day and they will tell you these are a must!  I've made it 3 years without any as they are very expensive!  But I think I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot thus I need much more supportive shoes for work.  So these puppies may be moving to the top of the "wants" list, even on over to a "need" list.  Guess I better start saving!

And we have 3 weddings coming up to attend!  One is this weekend & I already have a great outfit planned!  But I want some awesome gray pumps for the last 2 weddings!  Like these...

Or these...

But I also need to be able to walk in them and afford them.  Ho hum...back to dreaming (which is free, as is as much window shopping a girl can handle!)

Happy window shopping y'all!!

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Mimi to 3 said...

I love the labels, so bright and colorful, so I am fine with that as a birthday gift! Don't think those high heels will help much with your plantar fasciitis though!
Go Danskos!