Midweek Randoms

1 - How is it even the middle of the week??  Between summer & the long weekend, my days are all kinds of mixed up!  But that's ok, cause it's later in the week than it actually feels & that puts me even closer to...

2 - OBX!!!  Friday my family and I leave for Corolla, NC in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a whole week!!

I've lived in NC my whole life and have never been to the OBX!  It takes about 6 or so hours to get to Corolla, and even longer to get to some other Outer Banks towns, so growing up it was always easier for my family of 5 to drive to Myrtle Beach or Ocean Isle just 4 short hours away.

Our most recent family beach trip was in 2007!  Ro was just about 1 and 1/2!!

This will be my first beach trip without my partner in crime, though :(  Erin has a big girl job since she's all graduated now and recently started, so she will be working this year!  We will miss her!

Just a few pics from 2006 as well :)  This will be Jude & Wells' (the nephews) first family beach trip!!

Anyway....this Friday, we're all driving half way to split the trip up a bit.  I'm VERY excited for this first & can't wait for 7 days of sand, sun, and my family!  There's 16 of us going and this is Brandon's first WHOLE family trip...hope he survives ;)

3 - I got off to a pretty slow start with Pinterest.  I know I've mentioned it before, but in one sentence -

Pinterest is a website of virtual bulletin boards of different themes (you can choose your own board themes or use ones they give you) to which you pin your interests and things you like.  

I can send you an invite if you'd like, but be warned...its very addicting! :) Anyway (man I get off on tangents often!), I joined and pinned a few things, but between reading so many blogs and writing mine, I never got fully into it!  But now....I'm fully into it!  Here are a few of my board names and things I've pinned to each board:

All That is Delicious

A Girl Can Dream

For the Home

Holiday Celebrate

Look at all those great ideas on my boards!!  Addicting, right!?! 

4 - Right now I have unpainted fingernails and toes!!  Oh.my.goodness. it is enough to drive me crazy!  Not so much that my fingernails are unpainted, I can live with that.  But I cannot STAND having unpainted toenails, no matter the season, but especially in summer!!  My toes are out all the time and I want them to look cute, but they were looking pretty bad, so I broke down and took the chipped stuff off.  Now normally I would just repaint them and have a little "at home pedi", but I'm planning to get the real kit and caboodle, the whole shebang, a full mani and pedi tomorrow in prep for the beach =) So as crazy as it may make me, I'll just have to survive one more day of unpainted nails.  I'm sure it'll be worth it!

5 - I'm watching The View while writing this so a) its taking waayyy longer than it should for me to write this and b) they are interviewing the prosecutor from the Casey Anthony trail so its very interesting!!  So I'm signing off!

Happy hump day y'all!

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