Midweek Randoms

  • I started this post yesterday when it was technically still the middle of the week....so I left the title as is!

  • After my run outside Tuesday night with Drea I very seriously considered taking down my last post, dumping the whole 1/2 marathon idea altogether, and pretending like I didn't just announce to the world (all of my three seven readers :) that I was determined to run 13.1 miles.  Haha

  • No but, really!  I don't know if it was the heat, the hills, actually running outside, me trying to run faster than normal (to keep up with Andrea....remember I noted she ran cross country in HS in my last post!)......but it was SO. HARD.  Like way harder than I thought it should have been.  I typically run 20ish miles a week....I should be able to run 4 or so outside, right!?!

  • Wrong....so I'm thinking I have slightly more training ahead of me than I anticipated.

  • Good news though!  I ran outside with my friend Lisa bright and early this morning and did a little better.  Ran a little longer before having to walk for a minute and ran more than I did Tuesday!  That's progress my friends!

  • So given my need for more training....I'm thinking of pushing back the half marathon to the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Savannah, GA on November 5th!  That would give me 2 extra months of training and waaaay less heat by then.  Plus my bro & SIL mentioned they were planning to run the Savannah 1/2 also.  So if they're serious about it, that would be even more fun!  

  • I'll give it maybe the next 2 weeks or so to figure it out so we can decide if we need to go ahead and sign up for VA Beach.

  • I realized upon coming home from the beach I may actually be allergic to this sweet thang...

....how can this be!?!?!  :(  I packed all my vitamins and my zyrtec for beach week but of course never even took 1!  Good job right!?  Anyways, I never once had an allergy fit like I sometimes do while traveling to new places.  So I just continued to not take my pills.  Well, fast forward to Saturday when we pick up Benson and are taking him home....we're in a packed car and he's riding up front with me climbing all over and I suddenly start getting itchy-nose-sneezy-allergy-like feelings!@#!@$@@!

  • I've never been allergic to cats or pets before....and I started to take the zyrtec before we even got Ben due to frequent flare ups as mentioned before when even in familiar places.  So I'm not positive he's the source of my allergies, but I definitely thought that was weird!

  • My sweet and loving husband informed me if I was in fact allergic to the furry creature living in our house, I would just have to find a new place to live =)  Did I mention he's so sweet!?!

  • Yesterday marked 8 months of marriage to that sweet, sweet man!  No really, he is awesome despite his sarcasm!!

  • Tonight we are jet setting off to Michigan for a weekend filled with SteelTech (B's company) summer work party fun!!!

  • So now I must finish packing...

  • I kinda like these bullet points.  Can you tell!?

  • That is all!

  • Happy early weekend y'all!!

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Ashley said...

Oh no! I hope you're not allergic to Benson!!! : ( Have fun in Michigan! I'm so excited about dinner next week. Yay!