Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, It never fails,  you're just as wonderful each week!  It's rainy here today & I'm looking forward to making a hot dinner and curling up on the couch to a movie!  Dear Michigan, We're jet settin' to your neck of the woods tomorrow for B's work Christmas Party.  I'm excited to wear my new dress, red cowgirl boots, and get my line dance on.  Apparently, the theme this year is "A Country Christmas"!  I'm ready to show these Michiganders how it's done ;)  Dear Christmas Cards, We've yet to decide on a picture for you so unless we get one this weekend, we're sunk!  Maybe we'll just send out a picture of Berkley.  He's pretty darn cute!  Dear Instagram, You're probably my favorite form of social media, but this parody video that my friend Ashley shared with me makes me pee my pants laughing!!  Literally.  Ok not actually, literally, but it's hysterical!  Half of it describes pictures I'm completely guilty of posting, but I'm totally ok with that.  Go watch!  Oh and you can follow me @mrsshuck on Instagram :) Dear Husband, I'm really glad you didn't need your appendix out last night, or anything else remotely serious.  You make even a triage room in an ER fun!  I love this life with you! xoxo

Grab your pin & link up with Ashley!  Happy Friday friends!


Annie said...

That instagram parody video is hilarious! I'm glad to hear your husband is all right!

The Mrs said...

OMG. The IG parody? Spot on!

A.M. said...

Hi there! I nominated you for a Liebster Award....check it out here: http://pinkandprosperous.blogspot.com/2012/12/friday-fun-and-liebster-award.html

xoxo Alex