Lately: 'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season y'all!!

To be busy of course!!  And since I'm a little behind on blogging, again, thought I'd do a little Lately Christmas Edition post to play catch up!

'Tis the Season to Travel - Last weekend we flew up to Michigan for B's Work Christmas Party!  We had such a good time with everyone!!  B's company sure knows how to throw a party - this year was themed 'A Country Christmas' complete with line dancing & a photo booth!

Photobooth fun!

'Tis the Season for Ornament Exchanges - Last week, I went to 2 fun ornament exchanges!!  

My ornaments ready to be exchanged!
{And the pretty glitter tags Andrea & I made!}

The first was a Charlotte Blogger Girls Ornament Exchange!  Classic Annie was so sweet to organize it all!  We met up at Aria for dinner and drinks.  It was so fun to see some great blog friends again & meet some new blogger girls for the first time!

All the girls {minus Rach who had to get back to her baby girl!}
See Annie's recap to get the links to each girls' blog!

The second was an Ornament Exchange with some girlfriends from school!  My friend Lacey hosted us at her house & she had quite the spread!

And each calorie was was so worth it!  ;)

I brought a Ham & Pineapple Cheese Ball that I've made several times before, it's super easy and super yummy!  {Recipe here}  I didn't take any other pictures the whole night, just enjoyed hanging out with some sweet teacher friends outside of school for a change!

The new pretties that adorn our tree!  :)

'Tis the Season to Induldge - The party spread in that pic above is exactly what I'm talking about! The Holidays come with eating, there's just no avoiding it :/  I'm trying to be as "good" as I can, my breakfasts, lunches & dinners during the week are still Paleo, but all the snacks at school and the parties - I still have to indulge a little!

'Tis the Season to Enjoy - I'm loving all our decorations!  My pillow covers finally came in and I've finally gotten to some gift wrapping.  Only a few presents left to be bought and a handful left to wrap!

Alien eyed Berkley & presents under the tree!!

'Tis the Season to Celebrate - Tomorrow I'll share with you our Christmas card {even though they have yet to be sent out!!  Grrr...that's another story!}, B has 3 workdays this week & I'm down to 4, then we're both off for almost 2 whole weeks!!  Friday, there will be much cleaning and baking going on :)  Family starts to arrive on Saturday, as well as our dining room table {finally!!!}, and I'm excited to celebrate this wonderful season!  So much to be thankful for this year!

Time to curl up on the couch and enjoy what's left of my Sunday night!  Merry week before Christmas, friends!!


Anonymous said...

Love the fact that you have a Blogger Christmas ornamnet exchange. Wish I lived closer! ;)

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

It was great to see you at Aria. Next time we need to have not so long of a table so we can all chat! Have a great holiday!!

Carolina Charm said...

so good seeing you last week! love the glitter tags!

Rachel said...

Loved seeing you at the ornament exchange last week!

Kasey Lynne said...

Line dancing and a photobooth?? How fun!!

The ornaments you got are so pretty!

And I'm loving that red chevron pillow!