She is Fierce

Brandon decided he wanted a new tattoo for his 30th birthday!  He wanted the scripture "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" tattooed down his side.  A life verse!  I love it.

You know what they say, tattoos can be a little addictive...once you get one, you want more! When B mentioned getting a new tattoo, that really got my wheels turning.  I've loved the idea of a wrist tattoo for quite some time, but I didn't really have any ideas of what to get.

Any tattoo I get, I want to still like it when I'm an old, wrinkly grandma.  It's kind of permanent, ya know!?  So I didn't just want to get something to get something.

My friend's younger sister posted this on Facebook & I had seen it floating around Pinterest.  I just loved that quote.  It spoke to me!

I've finally seen so many gains in my training since starting CrossFit almost a year ago and I view myself a little differently now.  I think CrossFit has the power to and actually is changing the way women view strength and themselves.

Take 6 1/2 minutes and watch this video & you might get what I'm talking about a little better...

Letting Beauty Speak

"Ask 100 different people to define beauty and you get 100 definitions.  Ask 100 people at the CrossFit Games to define beauty, and they answer with a gesture."  It still gives me chills, every time. Beauty is strength.  And not just physical.

I spent years in the gym just trying to "not be fat", trying to "be skinnier", smaller, thinner.  I guess I semi-succedded, I wasn't fat!  But I never saw gains or progress.

But now I see gains, I see major progress!!  And it is so empowering!  I am little, but I am fierce!  I can throw around some {heavy} weights and I can control what I eat and I can push my limits, in and outside of the gym, to be a better version of myself!  That's all we can really do, anyways, right!?  Become a better version of ourselves?  Everyone else is already taken.

Though she be but little, she is fierce.  I want to live fiercely!!  Physically, mentally, spiritually.  That's what this tattoo is about.  And I'm proud to sport it!


Sara said...

Very cool video! Motivating for sure. :-)

Dee Stephens said...

You go! I'm not into tatoos but the scripture is one of my favorites too! :) Missed your blogs! Glad you're back!