Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!!

I'm totally going to be cliche today & make a list of 30 things I'm thankful for in 2013!  Some are obvious, some are completely materialistic, some are sentimental, but all are heartfelt & truthful!!  In random order...

1. My furry faced sidekick!  I know we're biased, but our pup has the best little personality!  He brings us such joy & is the sweetest little lap dog :)

2. Blazing hot showers.  The gym is freezing now that it's cold out, I like my shower to turn my skin pink!

3. CrossFit Pineville.  It's such a joy to go to work every day!!  To have this opportunity, to do what I do now, I really can't even describe my gratitude!

4. A fresh, perfect haircut!

5. DVR!  Lord knows I have zero time to actually watch shows when they're on.  And I love to skip commercials :)

6. WiFi HotSpots that allow me to catch up on my shows on the way to Atlanta!

7. My Ben cat!  He sleeps on my head every night, I wouldn't haven it any other way :)

8. Instagram.  It's totally my favorite form of social media!

9. Heated car seats.  Those things are the jam!

10. Pretty painted nails that make me feel girly :)

11. Seche Vite.  The world changing top coat for at home mani's!!

12. Lululemon.  I wish I never drank the water!

13. Starbucks!  My favorite weekly cheat!

14. Our beautiful home!  B & I count our blessings every day to be in a house we can grow into as a family!

15. Blogging!  I love having a journal to go back & reread!  And who would've thought I'd meet such wonderful people through this little community :)

16. Our CFP Athletes!  We've got such a great community at our box & we've met & become friends with some of the most wonderful people we may never have met, otherwise!!

17. Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, Nashville & 2 Broke Girls.  My current favs!

18. Sleeping in!

19. My health & strength.  I hope to never take this for granted!  And hope to only improve it over time.

20. My Panthers!!  What a season we're having!  So pumped!

21. My man!!  I'm so thankful to have married such a wonderful, handsome, disciplined, driven & loyal man.  I couldn't ask for a better mate!  I can't wait to see where this life takes us together :)

22. Panera salads.  Yum!

23. My wonderful, loving parents.  They mean the world to me!  I'm so thankful for their support & guidance!!

24. Target.  Pretty much my favorite store ever!  I have a problem, but at least I can admit it ;)

25. My faithful God.  His mercies are new every day & He is good all the time, even when He says no!

26. All our great friends.  You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends & I think we've found some pretty awesome ones!

27. Our wonderful siblings & extended family!  They are our people, just wish we could see them all more!

28. This pretty lady!!  She's the newest edition to our Ford Family & I am still in shock!  Post coming soon :)

29. This weekend away, to spend with out cutie nieces & nephews!  It's rare to have my whole immediate family under one roof!

30. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes & beaucoups of desserts….in that order :)

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Rachel said...

Happy Thanksgiving Shucks!! Thankful for you!