Moving Weekend!

** I feel like all my blog posts lately have been rather long winded recaps of major events in my life!  Hah, so please excuse the length of another long reap post....I think my life is slowly returning to a normal pace :) **

All last week, I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the weekend to arrive!  I guess this isn't too different form normal (ha!), but this weekend was moving weekend & B and I could hardly contain our excitement to finally, freaking move ALREADY!!!  We could barely concentrate all week!

B got back into town Thursday and that night, we got to packing!  We were very successful & got a lot done.  We packed his car full, then met at the apartment after work Friday, packed my car full & took it all to the new house!

We unpacked, grabbed a quick dinner & then went to make a purchase B has been SO looking forward to... a new TV!!  60 inches baby!  Oh, my man is so happy!  And the picture is pretty dang amazing, I can't lie.

We made one last trip to the apartment Friday night for a 2nd round of moving things & picked up BenCat.  We slept on the air mattress Friday night in our new bedroom....even though we woke up partially on the floor {we apparently have a slow leak} it was still fun to wake up in OUR HOUSE!

Saturday was for real, moving day.  We picked up the Uhaul & my dad, brothers & uncle met us to help us load up! It went surprisingly fast - even with a trip to go pick up our new couch from the distribution center.  We were at the house UNloading before 11am!

In the midst of moving...sadly I did not take a single photo :(  I fully regret it, but I was just trying to get through it - the type A control freak in me really comes out at times like these ;)

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, arranging, putting together, setting up, etc.  Oh my good gracious, I was tired!  All of our fam came over in the midst of the chaos-that-was-moving for lunch and my mom stayed to help with all the unpacking, arranging, putting together & setting up!  Thank you, thank you mama!!!

Then, my sweet mom, grandmother & aunt took me to Target for a few little house warming gifts :)  We got new bath mats & a hamper!   A new homeowner's dream ;)

Our friends Justin & Andrea helped us break in the house with a little grilling & family style dinner.  We had a few drinks and just relaxed in front of the new TV - it was a perfect Saturday night! (and I was asleep before 10! ha)

The boys, all matchy, matchy before dinner :)

Sunday, we slept in a bit and relaxed that morning before unpacking a bit more, hanging some things on the walls and settling just a little more.  We managed to squeeze in a run, lots of errands, some Dexter, and I put together our 2 new side tables!!  That's right, just call me Bob...the builder.  Obvi.

It was super rainy Sunday & our new lawn was looking rather jungle-esk.  In hopes of not getting kicked out of the neighborhood after only being moved in a day, B managed to cut the damp, front yard during a short break from the drizzle.  The back yard is still jungle-esk, but Lord knows I'm not cutting it I don't know how to cut it...I'd probably lose a limb!

B & his new toy :)

Well without further adieu....here are some pics of the new house!!!  B took them last night & uploaded them to Facebook...so if you're my FB friend, you've probably seen all these.  I just picked a few of my favs...and I left out the rooms that are empty - ha, we'll fill those eventually!

The kitchen!

One of my favorite spaces!!  The eat in area is to the right which houses our kitchen table.  Red is not my fav color for walls - I love it as an accent color! - but it's gotta go.  We'll be picking a paint color soon and probably paint it one weekend in May!  Our first project :)

The family room - right off the kitchen!
I love this room.  B really wanted his new TV, we both really wanted a new sectional couch, & I really wanted new side tables :)  So we compromised and got it all!  Ha
TV - Sharp Aquos
Couch - Overstock.com
Side Tables - Ikea

The office

One thing we loved about this house is it had a living room space we could use as an office for B without having to sacrifice a bedroom.  No one ever uses a living room anyway!  Ha, or at least we figured we wouldn't.  Clearly we need a bigger desk and some rugs for all these hardwoods would be great!!  Ha, again...eventually!

Our Master Bedroom!
I did not take this pic....I would've made sure the sheet was tucked in ;)

Our master bedroom - my favorite part is probably the amazeball fan!!  And the master closet (a total work in progress - but huge!).  And the master bath.  Ok I love everything about the master bedroom :)  We just need the mirror & dresser that matches our bedroom suit.  One day!

The Bonus Room!  Please do excuse the large piece of glass still wrapped from moving on the floor, ha.

I love, love the bonus room!  The built ins are fantastic, as are the hardwoods!  A great hang out spot & my new workout room :)  that also needs a rug!

So that's the pad, friends.  Clearly, you can see that we have quite the Type A tendencies - as I mentioned - as everything is pretty much unpacked and quite settled!  We feel very accomplished....I just couldn't go to work this week with chaos at home!

It's an amazing feeling to have a HOUSE to call our own!  I don't think the newness of this feeling will be wearing off any time soon :)


Dee Stephens said...

So exciting! I'm jealous! We would love a 'real' house but unfortunately hubby and I both owned condo/townhomes before we got married and we'll never get rid of them in this market :(
Your right - no one uses a living room. A lot of our neighbors use theirs as home offices too since they work from home.
Love the kitchen and as far as rugs. I bought a majority of mine from the rug outlet in Gaffney. They have great deals.
Rugs are expensive but you could buy one at a time!
And.. what is up with men and TVs? Drives me crazy!

KTBFerg said...

Everything is SO pretty!! I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations!!

Sarah O said...

Congratulations on the new house! Its beautiful and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun projects to blog about.

Mia Maree said...

Congrats Michelle! The new house is amazing! So gorgeous. I'm so happy for you!

Carolina Charm said...

SOOOOOO exciting! Where is your new home? It's so big and beautiful! Congrats again!!!

Michelle Shuck said...

Thank you, thank you!! It's in Ballentyne, not too far from Blakney!

Taylor said...

It is gorgeous!! Love all the open spaces and the room!! Enjoy your new casa!!!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you posted pics! I've been waiting!! And I LOVE it, it is absolutely gorgeous! :)