My Big Girl Car

A week ago today, I became the proud owner of this new beauty….

Meet Tracy, my brand new {slightly used} 2013 Ford Explorer!!!  If it's possible to feel love for a car, then I'm in love with Tracy!!

I'm not really sure how I came up with the name Tracy, but when the name occurred to me, it just felt right.  So Tracy it is!  And she now sits in our garage next to Rachelle, B's Ford Raptor!

It's a tight squeeze in there, fo real!  They're in love ;)

We weren't exactly planning to get a car right now…my corolla was paid off so we figured we'd wait until babies came along before I got a new car.  BUT….B's company has imposed a few changes on their company car rules which means we wouldn't be driving his company car up to Michigan for Christmas.

We certainly were not going to pack ourselves into my manual corolla that doesn't have cruise or power doors or windows for a 12 hour potentially snowy drive.  We toyed with the idea of spending a small fortune in gas to drive the Raptor to Michigan, but weren't thrilled with that idea.

A week ago Monday, when we found out we couldn't use B's car over the holiday, his exact words to me were…

…followed shortly by an email with a link to a beautiful 2013 Ford Explorer on AutoTrader!  So clearly, this is all his fault!!  {I've had a long standing crush on Ford Explorers & when they new body type came out, my crush turned to some major lust!}

I called on the Explorer from the link, set up a test drive for 3pm & the rest is history.  I knew I would love the car, there was no question of that!  It has every bell & whistle in the book, is super sweet & I feel so stinking blessed & unworthy to be driving this beauty!!

A lady was actually coming to test drive the Explorer at 330 that very same day.  She was previously looking at a 2011 Explorer they had that was sold right from under her nose, so she was coming back to see this one!  We acted fast & totally won :)

We picked it up last Wednesday afternoon & drove it straight to Atlanta!  She drives like a dream & now I'm suddenly looking for errands to run this week ;)  We traded in my little corolla, she & I had a good, long, brutal run together, including knocking the driver mirror off when pulling out of the garage this past summer.  Whoops!  I don't think I ever really loved her, though.  I never even gave her a name :(

It's funny how this car makes me feel like an adult.  Not being married, not owning our own home or business.  Nope, buying my potential "Mom" car.  THAT makes me feel like an adult!!  Whoa!  No car seats for Tracy yet, but maybe one day soon :)

And yes, I'll give you a ride in her!!  I know that's what you're all wanting ;)


Dee Stephens said...

You'll be glad ya'll did this!! For sure! Congrats!

Annie said...

You are so funny! How exciting!

Mindy said...

Yay congrats on your new car! I love white cars...so snazzy!! :)

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Love the new explorers! Welcome to adulthood :) Hope I get to see you at the ornament exchange!

Mariel C. said...

A new car is SO nice to have! I have always driven older cars, and when I got my new car this summer, it was such a treat. Enjoy!

Rigoberto Axelson said...

It was that good to have, eh? :D You said the original plan was to wait for babies to come along before getting a new car. Maybe it’s meant to go the other way around. Now that you have Tracy, the babies should be on their way. ;) Rigoberto@Brandon Dodge on Broadway

Sarah Erwin said...

Just dropping by. I can’t blame you for turning away from your original plan to wait for the babies to come before the car, Tracy’s such a cute darling. You said it’s like love at first sight, right? I think it really is because only love can make our minds break the rules we have already set beforehand. Haha!

Sarah Erwin

Byron Walters said...

No wonder you fell in love with Tracy. She's awesome! I think there’s nothing wrong about delaying what you planned ahead, if you could get this beautiful car. It looks perfect with Rachel in your garage! Haha! Anyway, I wish you have some amazing adventures with her on the road. All the best!

Byron Walters @ Bob Dunn Subaru