Celebratory Weekend!!

This past weekend, B and I drove up to Blacksburg, VA to celebrate my cousin Erin's graduation from VT!!!!  She is now officially a Hokie Alumni!!

A very smart Hokie Alumni.....Erin graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering!!!  Clearly brains run in our family ;)

Disclaimer - Most of the above pictures are products of Kristin Andrs' wonderful photography skills :) Our camera died and well I'm just not as good as she is!
We had THE.BEST.TIME celebrating with Erin and all of our family and many of Erin's friends!!!  It was rainy in Blacksburg, but that didn't stop the party :)  We left early Sunday to head back to Charlotte.  It was sad to leave, I've been going to VT for fun football games and visits for the past 6 years (including my friend Hunter's college days, it didn't take Erin 6 years, haha)!  But all good things must come to an end and I am so glad I was there to help Erin celebrate!!

I'm SO excited for you Erin!!  This next chapter will be the best yet and I can't wait to share more of it with you!  Welcome to the real world, haha, and good luck in Charlottesville and in your new job!!!  I love you!

And a couple funny pics to get your week off to a good start!


Look what we got in the mail....a kitty!
May your work week be short and blessed :)

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Ashley said...

May your week be short..I love that! I know my mom needs that luck! : ) So happy for Erin and glad y'all had fun. And Benson cracks me up! He seems like the funniest cat! I need to meet him (without petting him, of course). : )