Labor Day Weekend

This post is rather late, but better late than never right!?  Blogging was on my "to do" list each and every night this week and each and every night this week I would cut and paste it onto the next days "to do" list.  Needless to say, this week was a rough one and I'm glad its over :)  I was a bug on the windshield of life last week, haha, but luckily, next week will be a new start again!  Ain't that grand!?

Anywhoo....back to Labor Day weekend!  After school last Friday, our friend Andrea met us at our place and we set off for VA Beach about 430, only the worst time to try and leave Charlotte!  Haha...we encountered massive amounts a bit of traffic which set us back a little, but we finally made it to Justin's about 1030!  This girl was exhausted so I tried hanging out til 1130 but then I had to hit the hay.  But after a good nights sleep, I was ready to go!!

Justin did a great job playing host and took us to an awesome place for brunch called Citrus.  Their mimosa's were to die for (I had a watermelon mimosa with freshly squeezed watermelon juice!  Who knew you could squeeze a watermelon!?!?) and the strawberry banana chocolate chip pancakes were probably the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!!

Justin lives about 2 blocks from the bay so we packed a cooler with some beverages and good eats and parked our butts at the beach til about 430. PERFECT DAY!!

The bay is calmer than the ocean and a little warmer.  You get some little waves from the boats and traffic passing by.  One of Justin's good friends and his girlfriend drove up to meet us from Raleigh and we met another couple Justin & Andrea and Erin & Ryan had met earlier this year out on the beach!  They brought their all terrain radio so we had a party =)

The boys passing out brews.  Unfortunately we didn't really take many pics (what else is new!?).  I'm SO bad about this.  The boys tossed the football and played in the water while the girls relaxed, got our tan on, and talked about all things girly!

Saturday night we went out for dinner & then got our dance on!

This pic alone proves I am letting go of my vanity for the sake of the blog.  Hah!  We took turns catching each other "in action"!  Clearly we have awesome dance moves!  

Caught Justin in action too!!

Sunday it was more of the same!  We soaked up the beach as long as we could and didn't leave til about 530.

Sorry for the poor quality phone pic!

There was a cool little band playing at a house not far from where we were parked and they were decked out in American spirit!  That night we got some Mexican for dinner and stuffed ourselves silly!

Monday we headed back pretty early which left us with a little time to get ready for the next week.  Our Labor Day weekend was the PERFECT close to a sweet, sweet summer!  We spent it with great friends on the beach and made lots of fun fall plans for the weeks coming up!  

Hope your labor day was perfect as well!

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Ashley said...

That weekend sounds amazing. Good food and the beach-I wish I could have been there!!