These are my confessions...

I have a few things I need to get off my chest...

1. First and foremost...I hate running outside.  There, I finally said it!  Ughhh, I really tried to like it.  I did!

I ordered an arm band for my iPod and got some new running shoes and socks....

but my arm band gets really sweaty and my new running shoes are apparently slightly too small and give me blisters like no other.

I can't run near as long outside without walking, yet I can run 6 miles on the treadmill.

Fail!  I just like the hamster wheel, that's all there is to it!

2. Since I so love my hamster wheel over outside, I'm not so sure about this whole half marathon idea.

What was I thinking!?!  I might just have to run 13.1 miles at the gym with a number taped to my chest and restart the treadmill over twice since it cuts out every 60 mins and give myself a medal.

That could work!

3. I LOVE Starbucks....but I hate pumpkin spice lattes.  :(  I want to like them!  They're so fall-y and delicious smelling!

But I've tried them every fall for many years and they're just gross.  Can't like 'em!

I love pumpkin spice fallish candles!  In fact I really need to hit up some bath & body works and get some for this season!

I saw Starbucks has a salted caramel mocha so I think that will become my new fall drink!!

4. Friday we saw the movie Warrior.....and I bawled like a baby.

Yes, I cried at a movie about UFC/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting!  And not even just once, I teared up and cried several times!

But this was much more than just a fighting movie!!  Don't get me wrong, the fighting is brutal and you will cringe through each blow....

but the story is what gets you.  Its about two brothers from a broken family, their estranged recovering alcoholic father, and their heart wrenching and amazing journey to forgiveness.

Brandon & I watch A LOT of movies and we both left the theater saying this was the best movie we've seen in a VERY long time!  Go see it!!

I have no doubt it will win awards!  It must.  It was that good!!

5. We missed U of Michigan's win over Notre Dame last night! Whoops!!

After the pool for a bit Saturday, Brandon & I watched college football all Saturday afternoon and flipped back and forth between all the good games!

Confession...this was really my view =)  but I was watching all the games too!

Brandon was super pumped (I was just mildly pumped :) for the first night game EVER at The Big House!  The Big House stadium has never had lights before so night games were never an option.

We made homemade pizza and brownie cookie bars and indulged as we basked in glory of college football.

But then Michigan started sucking and Brandon just couldn't watch.

We flipped around the tube, checking back every now and then, but it wasn't looking good eventually we fell asleep!

Big mistake!!  Michigan came back to win!!!  Might have been a little sloppy, but a W is a W right!?

B was very sad he missed it and made sure to watch the highlights on SportsCenter this am!

6. I feel overstimulated from all this 9-11 stuff, its a lot to relive.  I can't even imagine what it's like for those who were a part of it or were directly affected.

I think I'll just go read "The Help" and turn the tube off.

7. Brandon is gone for 6 whole nights :(  He's in Michigan for work and won't be back til next Saturday.

This makes for a very sad wifey.  But I will choose to be thankful for a hard working husband with a good job and a salary.

8. I wish I wrote less wordy blogs.

Oh well....don't hold your breath!  :)

Have a blessed week!

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