Week in Review

Since it's been pretty much a week since I last posted, I thought I would do my week in review.

Last Tuesday night, my friend Ashley & I went to get dinner at Cheesecake Factory!

I tried to find a throwback pic to date our friendship, but I was feeling vain and didn't find any cute enough to share ;) But Ashley & I go WAY back!! She's one of my oldest and best friends and we always pick right back up from when we last talked!  She I stayed at Cheesecake Factory just jabbering away til 9pm (which is late for these teachers and mom!).

We never seem to take a pic when we get together (story of my life), but another childhood friend of ours, Erin, is getting married this coming weekend!  I'll be sure to take some pics and finally have an updated one of she and I!  BTW, Erin has an absolutely gorgeous sneek peek pic from her bridal portraits on her blog!  I can't wait to see her this weekend!

Brandon was gone all last week (boo) so Friday night I had a Girls Night Out with my friends Andrea & Hunter!  There was much jabbering, a few glasses of wine, and entirely way too much fun =)

I had the best of intentions and brought my camera along to take some cute pics....but it was dead.  Fail.

Saturday, Brandon FINALLY came home!!  "Reunited and it feels so good..." We came home, got him unpacked, and took a nap to some SEC football :) Saturday afternoon we were planning to drop off a suit of his to get a few alterations here and there and ended up buying him a whole new suit, as well!!

Men's suits are not cheap if you didn't know...ahem.  But he looks great in it and I will enjoy him as my arm candy when he gets to wear it at another wedding in 2 weeks!

By the time we were done buying his new suit, the gym had closed so we opted for a long run outside.  I'm so glad I married a man who will push me because Saturday that is what I needed!  Haha, I would have rather been sitting on my butt walking, but that run felt good!

As part of his birthday gift (his actual bday is next week!), I got Brandon an Omaha Steak package including some filets, chicken breasts, pork chops, burgers, franks, & stuffed potatoes!  It came this past week so Saturday night we dipped into the chicken and potatoes and made a delish dinner while relaxing on the couch!  It was a PERFECT Saturday night in my opinion!

Sunday was our first official tailgate of the NFL season!  We started it off with some waffles at home and then tailgated for a bit before scalping some tickets to the game!

The ladies starting out :)  Andrea, Hunter, Me

Me & my man

Greg & B

We were in the nosebleeds and the apparent "visitors section" (lame!!) but we still had a great view!

Me & Hunter

Despite our loss (I'm only slightly bitter), it was very fun!!  The weather was legitimately chilly and it didn't quite warm up until actual game time, but chilly weather and football just go together so it was ok with me!

This week I've felt like I've needed another weekend to recover from my weekend!  But I'm back in the swing of things and gearing up for another fun & busy weekend!

We have birthdays galore coming up around here & back to back wedding weekends!  Fun times coming up....I love it!!!

Happy first week of fall!! (well as of Friday really, but its already fall in my book ;)


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Ashley said...

We are terrible about pictures. Terrible. I seriously think the last one I have of us is from your wedding. So that's PATHETIC!! But I love the throwback pic. Ha! We're taking one on Saturday, so make it happen! Can't wait to hang out w/ y'all!