Farewell Friday

I've been back in school for two weeks now, the kiddos have been back for a full week, and it's labor day weekend so I think its only appropriate that today I bid summer a bitter sweet farewell!

We are kissing summer goodbye with a LONG weekend in Virginia Beach with our good friends Andrea & Justin!

With summer leaving and the start of school, I am saying goodbye to a few things....

Sleep - oh sweet sleep!  How I love it so.  Sigh....early mornings and late nights are back to stay for this working girl.  I already loathe 530am on the clock and get a great amount of satisfaction out of pressing snooze each morning.  Sleeping in is now a precious rarity and a valued treasure on Saturday mornings.  On the brighter side, the early bird gets the worm right!?

Bright eyes - you did just read the above paragraph, yes?  Since I have bid adieu to regular and lengthy shut eye, I also bid adieu to my summer bright eyes that are free of deathly dark circles and say hello to beloved caffeine and gobs of concealer.

Bathing suit season - actually, this one I don't really mind leaving.  While I will miss Saturday's by the pool and a lovely summer glow, I will not miss the stress of squeezing into a bikini every weekend.  Sayonara and good riddance! I'll start that stress over again next year, somewhere around mid-February.

Summer - you were fantastic as always, shorter now that I'm older, and full of sweet memories.  I will miss you, but I welcome fall with open arms. Until next year, fare the well Summer!

Here's to a LOOOONNNNGGG weekend!!  Enjoy friends :)

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Ashley said...

Bye bye, summer! This is the first summer in all of my life that I have felt excited to see it go. Enjoy your trip to the beach!! : )