A little Friday love...

Happy Friday y'all!

Good news - you made if through the work week!!

Sad news - by next Friday, I, too, will have also made it through a work week...eeep!  A 2 day work week nonetheless, but my summer will be over and I will have returned to work.  Common Core & Lesson Plans & Scheduling...Oh my!! :)


Since it's Friday and all good things are summarized in this day of the week as it surely begins the weekend, I thought I'd share just a little of what I'm loving this week...

1. First & foremost I'm loving the feedback I received on my last post.  It's sometimes hard to convey your true tone or the meaning behind any "serious" post per say.  

I, by no means, was digging for pats on the back or props for my job & would never want to minimize anyone else's job!  I certainly could never be a nurse {Change a bedpan or clean up vomit!?  Eww, no thanks!}, salesman {Oh, you're not interested in my product?  Ok, sorry I ever bothered you!}, police officer {Me? Take down criminals weighing in at 285 and 6'3 with my 5'1 self!? Ha}, or many other professions!

But I think y'all really understood my tone and that I just needed to write from my heart on that subject :)  So thanks!

2. I'm loving the clothes I got Wednesday when I did a little back to school shoplifting ;)  

Next Thursday means wearing actual clothes every day again & not lounging in my pajamas until I decide to put my workout clothes on, so I thought a little back to school shopping was in order and Brandon obliged :)  

I stopped by Old Navy & NY&Co {they're having their annual BOGO Pants Sale!} Here a few of the treasures I got...

Yep, these are the same shirt & I got 2 different colors :) 

This tank was 5 bucks!  And I got a new cardi in navy, but couldn't find it online!

3. I'm loving that it's August & that means one thing....FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!  The Panther's have their first pre-season game this Saturday!  Woohoo!!  We're not going, but we are going next Friday night when they play the Dolphins!  I can't wait!!  Are you ready for some football!?!?

New logo!!

4. I'm always loving these 2 stinkers...

....but that goes without saying!

5. I'm loving the summer thunderstorms each night!  It's perfect to relax on the couch with a book & the Olympics playing in the background :)  Although I'm not loving potty training a puppy in the monsoons each night!  Ugh!!

6. I'm really loving my healthy eating habits this week!  Feel like I'm finally back on track from vacations, summer & eating pretty clean again.  My waist line says Amen.

That's all I've got for today, friends!  May your weekend be warm, sunshiny & blessed!

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