Friday's Letters

I'm linking up again today with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!

Shall we...

Dear Husband, thanks for supporting my leisurely summer off of work!  I'm excited to once again be contributing to the bank account instead of sucking it dry ;)

Dear Summer, Remind me how you slipped away so quickly!?  I knew it would happen and every year it truly goes a little quicker than the last!  Thanks for the memories though, they're priceless :)

Dear Friday, Even though it was only a 2 day work week, knowing it was Friday made the alarm sound friendlier and the rolling out of bed a little easier!

Dear Teacher Workdays, Thank you for slowly easing me back into a work schedule!  I think with one more week of workdays, I just might be ready to hit the ground running with students.  Ahh!

Dear Berkley, I can't lie, I'm sad your other ear popped.  :(  I knew this day would come, now I feel like you're all grown!  And don't worry, I'll beat up any kids who make fun of those big things...you'll grow into them!  I hope.

Dear Panthers, I've got my jersey laid out for tonight, the cooler is ready to be packed & we're rip roarin' ready to go!  It may only be pre-season, but this girl (and my people) will be cheering like it's the real deal!

Dear Weekend, I love you!

That's all!!  Happy Friday y'all :)

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katie michelle said...

what a cute puppy!!!! ohmygosh, i need one! funny that their ears "pop"... i didn't know that.