Thankful Thursday

Well hello there little blog of mine!  I haven't meant to neglect you since Monday, but in case you've forgotten, right now is the beginning of the school year.  It's just a tad busy {that's sarcasm, y'all!} so, sadly I haven't had beaucoups of free time to sit & write!

But I thought it would be more fun to be thankful today, instead of griping about the easy, leisurely days of summer being ripped from my grasp... tear :,(  <-----that's a tear!

So today, I'm counting my blessings!  Here's what I'm thankful for....


1.  My job.  As challenging, under eye, dark circle provoking, and all time consuming as it is (see this post), I'm thankful to have a job, an abled body in which to use to work, and a paycheck at the end of every month!  Amen.

2.  Changing seasons.  There's just something about the change from summer to fall - the cooler temps, the football games, the smell of sharpened pencils!  Leaves changing, boots and scarves, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin things!  Oh yes, it might be my favorite.

3.  A pretty, working, non-peed-on phone.   It is so pretty!

4.  Friends who will watch our fur babies & treat them as their own.  This weekend will be our first time to leave Berkley!  Our friend Andrea & her kitty cat Oliver will be staying at our house to watch the babes!  She's sweet to give up a weekend of freedom to play mom to our fur babies (a puppy mind you!).  She's played mom to Benson, though, many times before :)  I know Benson & Berkley will love having Oliver over to play!

5.  A weekend away.  Brandon left yesterday afternoon for Michigan & I'm flying up Friday, mid day! We're headed up for B's Company's annual summer work party!  We were hoping to squeeze some family time in, but most everyone is busy when we're free :(  We're planning to make the best of it though and have an out of town date night!  Fun right!?


We're over the hump, friends!!  Happy almost weekend, y'all!

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Dee Stephens said...

Have a safe trip! You're going to miss that furbaby more than you know!