Celebrating 2 Years

This past Tuesday, November 20th, Brandon and I celebrated 2 years of marriage!

Well actually, sadly, B was traveling for work, so we didn't exactly celebrate on Tuesday.  But we definitely made sure to celebrate this past weekend!!

Marriage is hard work and we think every year definitely deserves being celebrated!!  Just as we had a big party & celebration to start our marriage, we've decided we always want to stop and make a point to do something special with each passing year.

Originally, we thought we would always take a trip together, maybe far away, maybe close to home, but that'd we'd always go away together.  We went to Asheville last year to celebrate our 1st anniversary.  This year we were hoping to go to Nashville, but with all the logistics of Thanksgiving and what not, a 16 hour drive round trip didn't seem so appealing anymore.

We decided to have a 'staycation' if you will.  Since we live out in the 'burbs now, we planned a fun day of activities & an evening away in our first home, downtown Charlotte!

We started off with a relaxing couples massage and then made our way to one of the best BBQ spots in Charlotte, Mac's.  We watched some of the Michigan game and then shopped small at the Canine Cafe and Good Bottle Co for treats for Berkley & Brandon :)

We decided a few weeks back that this would be the perfect occasion to get the ring finger tattoos we've talked about getting from time to time.  Before, we hadn't really planned what we'd be getting, we just knew it was going to be on our ring finger.  So we started researching ideas, paid the deposit and there was no turning back!

I'm sure many people probably think we're crazy or stupid or have jinxed ourselves for getting a ring finger tattoo, but we are loving our new outward symbol of the inward commitment we made 2 years ago :)  Everyone doesn't have to agree, or understand, and that's fine.  But it was such a fun thing to decide upon and share together!

We ended the evening enjoying an awesome dinner at 5 Church {highly recommend y'all!} and a few drinks on the way back to our hotel!  It was such a fun and memorable day celebrating our marriage!

Here's a few pics celebrating year 2... 


Getting nervous about the tattoo!  Ahh!

Just started!  Our tattoo guy, Christian

B's turn!

Taking it like a champ!

Finished product!!

His & Hers


Rooftop pics before going out...same spot as our rehearsal dinner!

The good, the bad, the happy, sad, ups or downs, I wouldn't trade them or want to face them with anyone else!  Here's to many more years of happiness together!!  To the moon, B!


Samantha said...

You go with the tatts! We got our date on our ribs...I've been wanting one on my ring finger!

Dee Stephens said...

Where did you have your rehearsal dinner?
Looks like a fun night out. Braver than I am with the tattoos! YIKES!

Michelle Shuck said...

Our rehearsal dinner was in the concierge lounge of the Holiday Inn!