The stockings are hung...

...by the chimney {because we actually one!} with care!

Even Benson & Berkley have a stocking :)

Thought I'd share some of our decorations that have gone up so far!  If you follow B or I on Instagram, you've probably seen quite a few of these, but since it's our first Christmas in our house, I wanted to be sure to document it all!

We picked up our tree this past Sunday from a stand not too far from our house after a disappointing selection at Lowe's.  This was our first real tree since we've been together/married, so we were pretty excited to pick it out!

We bought a stand & got her all set up!  She was quite a beauty even without decoration!

Later that night, we got her all decked out!


Sweet boy posing!

And sneaky boy photo bombing!  Hah

I'm loving the mantle so far, I just need to figure out out to get some lights up there!  The wreath & vinyl sign are new.  I was unsure if the wreath would be big enough, I think I need a bigger one, but this one will do for this year!

Our big Santa!!  He looks so great on our front door!  Love driving home to it each day :)  And probably my favorite new decor....

Love this colorful, cheerful print and the new frame!!  I try to abide by all of Buddy the Elf's rules this time of year, so I thought it was totally appropriate ;)  I printed one off & sent it framed to my Aunt Stacy!  She shares my love for Buddy!

Once we get our dining room table, I'll have a little more decorating to do!  I'm so excited to create a pretty center piece and see the dining room come together!  I'll do a post once all the furniture is here.

But for now, friends....

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Annie said...

Pretty tree and decorations!