Welp, I've been quite the sporadic blogger lately, but better sporadic than not at all right!?!

Nothing too wild's been going on, just managing and surviving work and living a little in between.  I can't lie, it's definitely been a year so far - I've been challenged mentally, physically, and professionally.  But hey, I'm still here and still smiling, so I won't complain!!  :)

Here's what's been going on lately....

What I'm Loving: Thursday nights.  Thursdays bring my husband home to me and usually end with us on the couch watching Gray's or catching up on our DVR.  Thursday nights are practically the beginning of the weekend...and I'm a big fan of weekends!
Watching: Nashville!  I'm obsessed.

Looking forward to: The Holidays!!  I'm so excited for our anniversary, decorations, family time, Christmas cards, celebrating, gift giving, a stocking for Berkley, traveling to Michigan...the list goes on!  I recently downloaded these 2 printables & I can't wait to put them out!

Making me happy: Our new coffee table!!

We loved the oversized ottoman we bought with our new couch, but thanks to Benson's back claws and his jumping and skidding across the ottoman to escape an active puppy, it's pretty scratched up :(  We fell in love with this coffee table & bonus....it was 40% off!!

Celebrating: ALL THE BABIES!  My handsome nephew was born just over 3 weeks ago, I'm just itching to get back over and hold him.  My sweet friend, Rachel, had precious Maggie almost 2 weeks ago, hopefully I'll get to snuggle her this Friday for a minute!

My cousin is being induced with her baby girl tomorrow!  Brandon's sis & BIL are expecting a baby boy in February - we've been looking at all sorts of Christmas gifts for baby Weston, even though he won't even be here yet!  And another Acuff will be making their debut in May!!!  My brother & SIL, Rob & Gale are having a baby, too!!

Fanning: All these babies are just fanning and fueling the baby fever over here!  I even got an email today from Baby Gap.  What the heck!?  In due time, we haven't drank the water yet.

Memorizing:  This verse.

I've had a tough time staying true to Paleo lately (ahem - get outta my face Halloween candy!!) and I feel like I'm ruining all the progress I've made.  I made this verse the background on my phone and I've been trying to repeat it to myself when tempted to eat just whatever I have a craving for at the time.

So far, it's been helping!

Planning: Paleo meals so I won't cheat!  Ugh...it's so easy to stray, but when I've planned out my meals and have good options in the house, it really helps to eliminate the chances of my going awry.  :/

Enjoying: Weekends.  Seriously...there is nothing better.

I'm so thankful tomorrow's Thursday!  One day closer to the blessed weekend, we can wear jeans to school this week & it's a 3 day weekend my friends!!


Dee Stephens said...

YAY! Love the update! You've got time on the baby thing girlie. You're still a baby! :-) You and your Mister party down while you can!!

Annie said...

Fun update! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Meredith said...

Love the new coffee table! And don't worry, I'm right there with you on the whole cheating-on-diets thing. I had a honeybun for breakfast. You'll get there!

Todd and Sara Davis said...

FINALLY I have found someone who watches Nashville too! Girl, I'm obsessed too. Such a great show.