Nerd Alert!

Here's what I'm currently doing....a little nerd multi-tasking at it's finest ;)

Writing progress reports (that go home Thursday.  Eeep!), watching the votes roll in, and snuggling my furry faced puppers!!  Think it's time for his first grooming!?

Paperwork lately is never ending.  Whoa!!  Thankful I can do a lot of it at home instead of having to do it at school.

Did you do your civic duty and vote!?!  I hope so!  We got our vote on this past Saturday!

Are you watching the results as they trickle in, too?  I'm glued to Fox News!

Since I always like to keep things friendly....


Haha, unless your candidate was my candidate ;)

Stay tuned, I hope to be back tomorrow to catch myself up on the past {gasp} week & a half since I last blogged - oh wait, I'm sure you're not surprised by this anymore!

For reals, though....I shall return!!

Happy Election Day!  And God Bless America!!!

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